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Jamaican fathers of social media: Wayne Mitchell

Tamoy Ashman

Tamoy Ashman / Our Today

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With Father’s Day just around the corner, Our Today has decided to highlight popular fathers on social media who embrace active parenting and have used their platform to break stereotypes about fathers while also advising new and even seasoned fathers on how to be more present.

Today, the focus will be on Jamaican singer, family vlogger, and event host Wayne Mitchell.

Most popularly known by his stage name Wayne Marshall, the Jamaican artiste has released many musical hits that still resonate with supporters globally. Some of his biggest songs include Glory to GodStupid Money, and Marshall Town.

As an internationally renowned artiste, Wayne spent much of his time touring the world to perform. However, despite the time zone differences and multiple performances, he was still there to support his family and play a present father role.

Recently the Jamaican deejay has taken a step back from the entertainment industry. Now, he devotes much of his time to his family and often graces the screens of many supporters locally and internationally, who tune in three times weekly to his family vlog channel, Meet The Mitchells.

Through this platform, supporters of the beloved artiste are able to see a different side of the entertainer, the role of an active parent.

Together with his current wife, Jamaican songbird Tami Chin, and his ex-partner Regina Beavers, Wayne Mitchell has five children. He also plays a father role to his younger brother Alex.

As viewers tune in to the channel, they are often greeted by either a music session with Wayne and his son Atlas or a video call with his eldest son Giomar who lives overseas with his mother. Of course, there are also school drop-offs and pick-ups that often include conversations about gender roles and societal beliefs.

However, what often touches the hearts of supporters, are the moments of love and displays of affection that Mitchell often shows to his boys.

Whether it be a hug, kiss, or words of affirmation, Wayne constantly defies the often traditional belief that men must be rough with their children, always acting as disciplinarian and protector, never a nurturer.

Instead of sticking to these beliefs, he has managed to strike a balance, acting as both a nurturer and disciplinarian figure. He is also very present for the big and often small milestones that him and his family hold close to their hearts.

As a member of one of Jamaica’s most beloved families, Wayne also uses his platform to disprove stereotypes that Jamaican men are not active parents and is always encouraging other men to step up and play an active role in their children’s life.

Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day Wayne Mitchell!


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