CAN | Aug 15, 2022

Jamaican film ‘Destiny’ had exclusive screening in Canada last week

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Jeremy Whittaker film touches on the music, beauty, vibrancy and energy from Jamaica

Jeremy Whittaker, director of ‘Destiny’.

Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto, Canada hosted the private and exclusive screening of the Jamaican film, Destiny organised by the Jamaica Tourist Board, as part of the celebrations marking Jamaica’s 60th anniversary of Independence.

The Jeremy Whittaker film touches on the music, beauty, vibrancy and energy that come from Jamaica. The screening included an address by Whittaker himself as well as Angella Bennett, the Jamaica Tourist Board’s (JTB) regional director for Canada.

Also in attendance were members from the GraceKennedy Group, Grasshopper Productions, C.J. Smith, Director of Sales, Unique Vacations, travel agents, media and other trade partners.

Bennett advised Whittaker that it was a great honour to partner with him and share this wonderful film that is a signature presentation to Jamaica’s Diamond Jubilee Activations and celebrating Brand Jamaica.

Information about the film

In the film, the protagonist, Lisa, visits Jamaica from Toronto and gets to experience the love of her family and expand her love of music while on the island.

“Directed by a Jamaican, with acting leads who are Jamaican, and a production infused with Jamaican music and culture is a huge accomplishment that we are very proud to share,” explained Whittaker.

He added: “Jamaicans are not just present on the screen, but behind the screen with set design, choreography, costume design, makeup artistry and the list goes on. The message I want to share is we are most powerful when we write, direct and tell our stories to show our vibrancy on an international stage.”

In celebrating Jamaica’s Diamond Jubilee Year this year, the JTB has been hosting activities and events. Last month the JTB hosted a memorable gathering at the ‘Bob Marley One Love Experience’ at Lighthouse ArtSpace at 1 Yonge St in Toronto.

More of the JTB’s Diamond Jubilee events for summer 2022 include the Diamond Jubilee Cricket match between Jamaica XI and Trinidad & Tobago on August 20, A Taste of Jamaica on August 27, and the SINTING Fest with live entertainment, music, food and dance August 26-28.

In celebration of Jamaica’s 60th anniversary of independence, the JTB also launched a booking incentive exclusively for Canadian travel advisors, now through August 31.


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