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Jamaican mothers of social media: Dr Terri-Karelle Reid

Tamoy Ashman

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Dr Terri-Karelle Reid. (Photo:

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Our Today has decided to highlight popular mothers on social media who have used their platform to shared their tips and tricks of motherhood to new and even seasoned mothers.

Today, the focus will be on Jamaican TV presenter and author Dr Terri-Karelle Reid.

No matter the event, whether big or small, there is a high chance that Reid will be gracing the stage in a fabulously designed outfit to walk you through the proceedings of the day as the host. This is simply because she is considered as one of the best in her field and is sure to keep the audience engaged throughout the session.

Reid has worked with several companies in Jamaica such a Signus, JMMB, Red Stripe and Massy Distribution. She is also the host of the Jamaican talent show Digicel Rising Stars and has worked with many regional partners, building a reputation as a woman of excellence.

But even with a busy schedule and the stress that often comes with travelling for work, she is always there to support and celebrate the achievements of her daughter Naima-Kourtnae.

Whether it be a swim meet or Naima’s appointment as prefect, Reid is always there to celebrate with and encourage her daughter. But she does not stop there, she also shares the memories and milestones with her supporters online.

If you were to visit Reid’s Instagram account, you would find multiple pictures of her hosting events, but you would also find videos and pictures of moments she shared with her daughter. Along with those videos, she would often share lessons that she learned from her daughter and how important it is to both listen and speak life into your children.

She has also shared videos of tough conversations with her daughter, providing a template that parents could use to have difficult conversations they often ignore or delay because they cannot find the right words to say.

Dr Terri- Karelle Reid and her daughter Naima-Kourtnae.

Through these random posts about motherhood her platform grew. Mothers would often comment about how impactful her words were and how her posts have helped them to see things in a different light.

In fact, the knowledge she often shared was so inspirational and powerful that they caught the attention of those in the international space who invited her to speak at the TEDx Talk at Aston University.

Throughout her presentation, entitled ‘The untapped potential in raising children holistically’, Reid gave examples of some of the conversations she had with Naima-Kourtnae throughout her life, and some of the social unlearning she has had to do in improving herself, in order to provide the right example for her child.

By providing advice and guidance, Reid has helped many mothers to have a new perspective on raising their child and has indirectly nurtured children that are not her own, proving that a mother’s love and words of wisdom spans far and wide, touching the hearts many.

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day Terri-Karelle!

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