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USA | Jun 6, 2021

Jamaican Shantal Chin opens all-woman auto wash business in New York

Al Edwards

Al Edwards / Our Today

Jamaican-born legal assiantant Shantal Chin steps into the entrepreneurial light having launched her mobile car wash business, ‘chinswashndetail’ for customers in the New York City area. (Photo contributed)

Born and raised in Jamaica’s Port Antonio, Shantal Chin made the move to New York to better her life and seek opportunities denied her at home.

Once an IT girl, that was never the sum of her ambition. She had the drive to play on a bigger stage and broaden her horizons.

She trained to be a legal assistant and was employed to a top New York attorney’s office all the while raising her daughter and son.

(Photo: Instagram @chinswashndetail)

Still a bubbly personality and a firecracker, New York has tempered her as she continues to embrace responsibility and a professional approach. Enjoying the fruits of her success while many of her contemporaries back in Jamaica struggle, Shantal wants to do even better, giving her children a solid foundation to prosper.

Always the entrepreneur, the economic contraction brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered New York and its environs over the last year but that has not deterred Shantal. She saw an opportunity and has now started her own auto wash business while still holding down her job as a legal assistant.

Speaking to Our Today about her new company, “Chinswashndetail,” Shantal said: “I started a mobile car wash and detail company serving New York City, Westchester and Long Island. Our team is comprised of all girls and we have also begun to service boats and RVs.”

“I find operating my own business rewarding and so far, it hasn’t been stressful. Very soon I will be hiring more people and will have to get another van.”

(Photo: Instagram @chinswashndetail)

So what drove Shantal to roll up her sleeves begin her business and get enterprising?

“I had a lot of free time during the COVID lockdown and I was worried that I might lose my job so I decided to start something for myself.”

Way to go Shantal!


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