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Jamaicans unfazed by Samantha Azan ‘remorse’ as viral TikTok video sparks heated discourse



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‘Uptown’ Jamaican Samantha Azan continues to be the centre of controversy after a weekend TikTok video seemingly mocked her countrymen after Hurricane Beryl’s passage.

In the now-viral video, the 16-year-old Azan is seen boarding a private jet, supposedly on her way back to Jamaica, dancing and laughing with the caption: “Us coming back to Jamaica after abandoning it for the hurricane, then acting like it didn’t do anything to the country.”

The young Azan was quick to delete the video from her TikTok account, but not before it was saved and shared to, formerly Twitter, where the outrage spread like an uncontrollable wildfire.

As the video and its distatefully dismissive narrative took on a life of its own, social media users around the world have been filled with anger towards the teenager’s insensitivity, with some attributing her behaviour to classism and colourism—two more prevalent societal issues plaguing Jamaica.


The viral video was a most polarising topic as Jamaicans and the wider world delved into why a 16-year-old would make such a video. Others, though disgruntled, have voiced disdain toward Jamaicans, stating that all the “noise” is nothing, since Jamaicans will never boycott the Azan businesses.

One commenter wrote: “This is why I say that as much as some people born Jamaican, culturally and ethnically and all the others ways that count, they aren’t Jamaican I’ve never shopped at Azan nor Khemlani Mart by the way. I doubt I’ll ever do it.”

“Honestly spending money with ppl who openly think I’m beneath them Issa no from me. If it’s unavoidable then it’s unavoidable but ain’t nothing that can get dung a Azan’s me cyah get elsewhere,” Another wrote.

Reeling from the intense backlash, the young Azan posted an apology video to TikTok, where she denounced her behaviour while claiming not to be associated with any of the Azan-owned businesses in Jamaica.

However, her father Emile Azan is a silent shareholder at Boss Furniture Company Limited, who is also the brother of director Omar Azan.

The video began with the formal greeting “Dear people of Jamaica…” and she proceeded to introduce herself, stating her age while expressing remorse for her behaviour in the viral video.

“I recently uploaded a TikTok that was so insensitive, hurtful and disrespectful,” she said, “I truly am sorry from the bottom of my heart and I want to apologise for my actions and words…the pain that they have caused…”

She goes on to state that she lives in Florida and was only in Jamaica for the summer holiday. Seemingly seeking to dampen the online mob, Azan also claims that her “family is not affiliated with any of the Azan businesses in Jamaica or anywhere else.”

In closing, she said that she had learned her lesson and would “make sure it never happens again” reminding the people of her sincerity.

WATCH apology video below:

Some Jamaicans were displeased with the apology, many taking to social media to voice their grievances and promised to boycott all Azan-owned businesses.

“The most insincere apology ever… Worse she’s gonna like about not being associated with the Azan family and not being Jamaicans… Proof all over the internet love… You and your family take us for idiots (sic),” an X user commented.

There was a group of commenters who agreed that her actions were inconsiderate and insensitive but opted to excuse her behaviour because of her age.

The Azan family, who hold a great deal of influence in Jamaica, operate numerous businesses across the island, including Bashco and Mega Mart.

This incident serves as a reminder of the power and responsibility that comes with having a social media presence, and the profound impact that thoughtless actions can have on communities, especially in times of hardship.

Days after the initial social media firestorm, “Azan” continues to trend on X.


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