JAM | Jun 16, 2023

Jamaicans urged to safeguard children

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Deputy Mayor of Kingston, Winston Ennis (Photo:JIS)

Deputy Mayor of Kingston, Winston Ennis, is calling on all well-thinking citizens to do their part in safeguarding the nation’s children.

He made the appeal during the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation’s (KSAMC) monthly meeting on (June 13), where he condemned the abduction and killing of eight-year-old Danielle Rowe.

“The level of heartlessness and cruelty can only be classified as incomprehensible and frankly demonic. I implore all of us, please take additional measures to protect our children and if any of us suspects or sees anything, please report it to the police,” he urged.

Decrying the violent act against the child, Ennis said it is particularly disturbing as it took place on the heels of the recent Child Month celebrations.

Grade-two Teacher at the Braeton Primary and Infant School in Portmore, St. Catherine, Gillian Walker, arranges flowers and a textbook on the desk where eight-year-old Danielle Rowe sat. A special service in Danielle’s honour was held at the school on Monday (June 12). (Photo: Dave Reid)

“It is reprehensible to think that coming after Child Month in May, when we were reminded as a society and a nation to nurture, protect, and celebrate our children, that such a dastardly act could be committed on such a young child,” he said.

On Thursday, (June 8), Danielle was abducted from the Braeton Primary School in Portmore, St Catherine where she was a student. She succumbed to injuries inflicted by her abductors in hospital on Saturday morning (June 10).

“As Councillors, we again have the sad duty of adding another name amongst the children who have lost their lives under tragic circumstances to the Secret Garden Monument on Church Street,” Ennis lamented.


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