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JM | Jun 22, 2022

Jamaica’s Honorary Consul in Atlanta gets US presidential award

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Jamaica’s Honorary Consul in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr Elaine Grant-Bryan. (Photo: JIS)

Durrant Pate/Contributor

Dr Elaine Grant-Bryan, Jamaica’s Honorary Consul in Atlanta, Georgia, has received the United States presidential ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’.

The award, which was signed by President Joe Biden, is in recognition of her thousands of hours of service to the Jamaican diaspora, the Caribbean and America. In addition, she received the President’s Volunteer Service Gold Award, a civil award established by former President George W. Bush to honour volunteers that give thousands of hours per year, helping others.

Both awards were presented at a ceremony held recently in Orlando, Florida. Dr Grant-Bryan is the first Caribbean-born person in Georgia to receive the awards. She has given over 4,000 hours of voluntary service to helping others.

In a letter that accompanied the award, President Joe Biden wrote, “By sharing your time and passion, you are helping to discover and deliver solutions to the challenges we face solutions that we need now more than ever. We are living in a moment that calls for hope and light and love; hope for our futures, light to see our way forward and love for one another.”

In her response, Jamaica’s Honorary Consul remarked, “I am so happy the US Government values my many years of dedicated service. They looked at my records, checked everything out and believed that I deserved the two highest honours. So, it let me know somebody noticed and I feel totally, 100 per cent satisfied.”

(Photo: JIS)

Early beginnings in Kingston

Born in Kingston, Grant-Bryan attended Excelsior High and Kingston Technical High, before pursuing tertiary studies at Northwestern University, University of West Georgia and Leadership Sandy Springs in 1978.

She returned to the island and worked with Air Jamaica and Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) before migrating to the US in 1987.

A real estate broker and the owner of Elaine Bryan Realty, Grant-Bryan was appointed Honorary Consul on October 1, 2018, representing her native country in Atlanta on a voluntary basis.

She works with various local entities to provide assistance to nationals in Atlanta and promotes the island overseas. Among the entities is the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) in the processing of passports.

Dr Grant Bryan, who is a former educator, working as a mathematics teacher and guidance counsellor for many years, explained that her volunteer efforts began some 20 years ago, when she offered to work as a school counsellor.

Achievement awards over the years

Over the years, Dr Grant-Bryan has received several outstanding awards. In 2005, she received the Judge Glenda Hatchett Award for outstanding service in the field of education and in 2006, she earned the Atlanta Mayor Phoenix Award for outstanding achievements in education and service to the people of the sprawling metropolis.

Jamaica’s Honorary Consul in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr Elaine Grant-Bryan. (Photo: JIS)

Dr Grant-Bryan says the funds obtained from the two awards helped her to set up the Elaine Bryan Foundation, which she established in 2010. Dr Grant-Bryan is a registered Microsoft Education Partner and received the Turner Broadcasting Educator Award for her involvement with the Blacks at the Microsoft Corporation, where she identified candidates for scholarships and internship opportunities.

The Consul General is married to Gregory Bryan, who is a computer expert and they work on local and international projects for the Elaine Bryan Foundation.


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