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JAM | Apr 9, 2023

Jaz Elise and Di Genius team up for her newest single ‘Rice & Peas’

Shemar-Leslie Louisy

Shemar-Leslie Louisy / Our Today

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Jaz Elise (Photo: Instagram @jazelise)

Since coming onto the music scene at the end of 2018, Jasmine Taylor, popularly known as reggae singer Jaz Elise has been steadily making her presence felt by reggae fans.

In time for the Easter weekend, the singer has released Rice & Peas, a song produced by Grammy-winning producer Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor about love that pays homage to the Jamaican saying, “mi luv yuh like cook food”.

In an interview with Our Today, Elise spoke about her experiences that led to the creation of the song.

Jaz Elise (Photo: Instagram @jazelise)

The singer said she was introduced to the producer during a trip she made to visit a friend in Los Angeles in the United States (US). Elise said she was coaxed by one of her friend’s coworker into meeting his friend in production “Stephen”.

“I didn’t know which Stephen he meant at the time, but the friend was supposed to be a writer, so I thought I was going to connect with a writer in LA who I figured works for labels and just loves what he’s doing and would’ve been excited to work with me after listening to my EP,” said Elise.

“But when he said Stephen McGregor, all I could tell him was yes I know of him,” she continued.

Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor (Photo: Instagram @digenius1)

After revealing that the she has at least one other song on the way also produced by Di Genius, Elise described her experience working with Stephen.

“I enjoy working with him, yes I’ve worked with great producers who clearly know what they’re doing but there is something about working with a producer who is as musically inclined in terms of vocals, harmony and lyrics as he is,” said Elise

“It just pulls something out of me, without even trying; its one of the greatest experiences I’ve had making music,” she continued.

What is the inspiration behind Rice & Peas?

Elise shared that she can’t go into all the details behind what inspired Rice & Peas and promised its backstory would be revealed in her following single.

Jaz Elise (Video: Instagram @jazelise)

“Coming out of that song [unnamed upcoming single], the mood in my life and everything around me shifted and everything was so much brighter and happier in my life,” said the singer

She continued: “I was feeling so much gratitude and feeling myself again and feeling my light in life again. Feeling that and connecting with my beauty, feeling desired while also tapping into who I am again and that I am worthy while also having a little crush in that moment, and all of that energy is exactly what came out in the song.”

Elise then clarified that the song is equally about her reconnecting with her love for herself as it is about romance and she hopes that women who have endured, who have felt doubt and question things like their value can listen to the song and remember that there are still beautiful things out there and about themselves that they can feel good about.

“Its really a tribute to the love I feel for the new me after growing beyond the negative things that were in my life and I’m grateful to be at a place where I can put out a single like Rice & Peas and in a few days have the reception and traction that it’s getting,” she added.

What’s next for Jaz Elise?

Jaz Elise said what’s next for her is more work, and more songs coming this year, she will also be touring in Europe and other locations for the first time this summer.

“There’ll also be some shows coming up which I won’t say too much about and keep as a surprise, what I’ll say is people can expect to get their bellies filled with music, and you can expect to see me touring all over” she said.

Check out the song below:

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