JM | Oct 4, 2022

JCF will not back down, commissioner warns citizens who initiate conflict with police

Tamoy Ashman

Tamoy Ashman / Our Today

Major General Antony Anderson, commissioner of police (left), addressing journalists at a monthly Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) press briefing. (Photo: Jamaica Constabulary Force)

Police Commissioner Antony Anderson is warning citizens who initiate conflict with the police – or resist arrest – to stop, noting that Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) personnel will use the required force to defend themselves and the citizens will be charged.

Anderson was speaking in response to recent incidents in which police personnel and citizens have been engaged in conflicts across the island.

The commissioner noted that, often, these incidents seen on social media do not reflect the full picture of what happened, spreading the wrong message. But, this will not stop the JCF from enforcing the law.

“Although you see a video, don’t believe for a minute that JCF is going roll over or our officers are going to accept that when they are arresting somebody if they create enough disturbance that we are going to stop what we are doing, that is not the case.”

Police commissioner Major General Antony Anderson

He further encouraged persons to accept when they are wrong and go through the processes of the court to contest any matter they feel has been handled unjustly.

Often, when these altercations take place, Anderson said people who are unaware of what is happening and take the side of the civilians are interfering with police in the carrying out of their duties.

He also discouraged these practices, noting that those persons will be arrested if they intervene.

“We all complain and we all want streets where there is order. Well, order comes with being ordered,” said Anderson.

He also noted that when these incidents take place, public pressure is placed on the JCF to change the way its responds, instead of encouraging citizens to not breach the law.

If the JCF takes this approach, the chaos will continue, Anderson said.


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