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| Feb 7, 2024

Jenna Ortega’s R-rated performance in ‘Miller’s Girl’ caught fans off-guard



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Jenna Ortega, Photo: Instagram, @jennaortega

Jenna Ortega’s latest performance in the R-rated movie ‘Miller’s Girl’ alongside Martin Freeman has surprised her fans with some steamy scenes.

The movie revolves around the complexities that can arise in a close teacher-student relationship and explores adult themes and scenes, which is a significant departure from Ortega’s previous roles, such as Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series ‘Wednesday’, where she played the role of a teenage girl with peculiarities who was fond of solving mysteries.

Although Ortega is 21 years old, which is considered young for most people, in the acting world, age is not a significant factor when it comes to art. In the past, actors like Brooke Shields have faced criticisms for their nude scenes, but they have also defended their choices, citing the different standards of that time.

However, some fans are disturbed by the steamy visuals in ‘Miller’s Girl’ and have expressed their disapproval online. The age-gap sex scenes have also been a topic of discussion among viewers.

The movie was released on January 26 and currently has a ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ score of 32 per cent, which is a low approval rating.


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