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JAM | Jul 11, 2024

‘Jericho’ singer Iniko seeks donations for hurricane-ravaged St Elizabeth



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Iniko Dixon. (Photo: Instagram @in.iko)

American recording artiste Iniko Dixons has made an impassioned plea for donations toward St Elizabeth’s recovery after Hurricane Beryl devastated the parish.

The artiste, who broke onto the scene with their viral hit single ‘The King’s Affirmation‘, has always supported Jamaica.

Iniko’s mother hails from the breadbasket parish, and after the hurricane devastated St Elizabeth on July 3, the artiste wanted to do her part to help.

In an Instagram post yesterday (July 10), Iniko said: “St Elizabeth is a small parish with no resorts, just hardworking farmers and folks just trying to get by.”

(Photo: Instagram @in.iko)

They then alerted their fans to the link in their Instagram bio where anyone can make donations.

“I’ve got merch available! Head to the link in my bio to purchase!”

Behind the artiste’s exceptional talent lies a captivating Jamaican heritage and influence, stemming from her father, a former member of the short-lived reggae band ‘Souljahs’.

Iniko came out as queer, identifying as they/them/theirs.

Recording artiste Iniko Dixon. (Photo: Facebook @in.iko)

Though their music is often considered ‘alternative’ or ‘pop’, they often remind people that much like her personality and identity, their music transcends genre.

Iniko is also currently on their ‘The Awakening‘ tour, performing at 16 arenas while working on a new album.


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