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WATCH | JLP councillor crosses floor to join PNP in Clarendon

Tamoy Ashman

Tamoy Ashman / Our Today

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Former Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) councillor for North Central Clarendon, Romaine Morris, of the Mocho Division during the Thursday (Janaury 11) sitting of the Clarendon Municipal Corporation. (OUR TODAY photo)

In a surprising turn of events, Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Councillor for the Mocho Division in North Central Clarendon, Romaine Morris, has officially crossed the floor to sit with the People’s National Party (PNP) caucus in the Clarendon Municipal Corporation.

He was welcomed with open arms by the PNP constituency executive, chaired by Dr Aujaé Dixon, who thanked him for joining ‘The People’s Campaign’.

“I welcome Romaine Morris to The People’s Campaign, which is anchored in inclusivity and unity. We look forward to working collaboratively with Councillor Morris in any capacity he may serve within the political organisation of North Central Clarendon,” said Dixon.

He added, “Our campaign in North Central Clarendon is not just a pro-PNP or anti-JLP campaign; not just an Aujaé Dixon or Mark Golding campaign; it is the people’s campaign which puts people ahead of personalities and egos, and as such, all well-thinking, well-intentioned persons, regardless of their political/voting history are welcomed aboard The People’s Campaign.

Chairman of the North Clarendon Constituency Executive, Dr. Aujaé Dixon.

After numerous rounds of discussions spearheaded by the constituency chairman, prominent figures in the parish’s PNP leadership, and with widespread backing in the division, Morris decided to actively participate in the PNP’s escalating Local Government Election campaign in the Mocho Division.

Dixon shared that even though he and Morris were previously aligned to different political ideologies, his unwavering love and commitment to the residents of Mocho were evident in the past, persist today, and are likely to remain undeniable in the future.

In the wake of their recent partnership, Dixon restated his firm dedication to collaboratively building a brighter future for residents of North Central Clarendon.

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