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JMMB Elevate 5.0 shares actionable steps for living your best life in 2023

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Dr Terri-Karelle Reid presents on ‘Living Your Best Life Now’ at the JMMB Elevate 5.0 Summit.

JMMB’s signature conference, JMMB Elevate 5.0, held on Saturday (January 21) under the theme ‘Living Your Best Life’, challenged participants in attendance to reflect on and celebrate their 2022 achievements while planning for the year ahead.

The event featured headliners such as Paul C. Brunson, internationally recognised author, and Dr Terri-Karelle Reid, media personality and entrepreneur.

The day-long hybrid event also featured money coach Anna Palomino; Keisha Bailey, financial strategist and founder of Profit Jumpstarter; David Rose, business journalist; Peter Thompson, group chief investment manager at JMMB; and Camille Steer, senior corporate manager, Fund Service at JMMB.

Kerry-Ann Stimpson, chief marketing officer at JMMB, engaging with the Elevate 5.0 audience.

Kerry-Ann Stimpson, chief marketing officer at JMMB Group, expressed her delight with the turnout of participants on Saturday for the first face-to-face Elevate event since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are so excited to finally return to an in-person event,” Stimpson said.

“Each year, JMMB Elevate strives to educate and inspire our Jamaican people. Financial literacy is an asset that arms and empowers our attendees with the tools and the mindset they need to take on their goals for 2023 and beyond.”

She added: “Nothing replaces your own education; this is why we’re so excited to see so many persons taking the time out to invest in themselves by coming to Elevate and we’re so honoured and humbled to provide this opportunity for them. Our speakers shared their stories, their personal journeys, and their expertise and really made an impact on our in-person and virtual audience.”

Dr Terri-Karelle Reid, who made her debut as a speaker at this year’s staging of the event, commended JMMB for the initiative and shared how the Elevate series has impacted her life.

“Commendations to JMMB because I really think that what they are doing is magnificent. Elevate has been consistent over the years – they didn’t just want to make it a money management conference but rather an empowerment summit and I think it’s a fantastic way to start out the year,” she said.

Dr Terri-Karelle Reid with Paul C. Brunson, entrepreneur and community builder.

Reid further said: “I’ve had the pleasure of not just being an attendee but also a facilitator/moderator and a panellist and one thing I can say is that the audience always craves information; it’s always an atmosphere that is charged positively and I think there is always a rich exchange. So, if no one has ever had the opportunity to attend, it is something that I think is a must, it is a calendar event and it never disappoints, it always delivers.”

Entrepreneur Paul C. Brunson speaks n Building and Monetising Your Personal Brand’.

Paul C. Brunson, who made a return to the Elevate stage for the second time as a keynote speaker, shared why this year’s presentation was special for him.

“It really feels full circle to be back and to have my family here this time to see me on stage,” he said.

“They’re such a big part of my story. My hope is that I continued on from where Terri started with the point to ‘outwork your self-doubt’, and that to do that requires just one step. And I think that my life is testimony to that because I don’t have any skills that anyone else in this room doesn’t have, but it’s through using strategy – consistent, targeted, unmissable content that I’ve been able to create my career. So, what I really hope is that people leave here with the belief in themselves that they can do it too.”

Elevate 5.0 audience making notes on how to Live Their Best Life.

This year’s staging saw more than 1,700 guests, both virtually and in-person in the event’s new hybrid format which was adopted to cater to the demand both locally and internationally.

Speakers touched on topics related specifically to financial literacy, retirement planning, strategic planning, investment, building and monetising your personal brand, as well as, ultimately, living your best life.

The speakers shared tips on how to develop and nurture a growth mindset, release self-doubt, ask for help, and the importance of action and execution on the journey to success in 2023 and beyond.


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