| Mar 31, 2023

JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation ‘Conversations for Greatness’ conference encourages ‘One Love’

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Patricia Sutherland, chair of the JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation. (Photo: Contributed)

This year’s staging of the ‘Conversations for Greatness’ Conference, organised by the JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation calls for ‘one love’ among Jamaicans; encouraging the hundreds of stakeholders who will be in attendance to forge a deep sense of connection, national pride and commitment to working together to create a better Jamaica.

The event which will take place tomorrow (April 1), at the Jamaica Pegasus, will seek to to build a community of individuals with a passion and vision to transform Jamaica.

Patricia Sutherland, chair of the Foundation, and one of the conference presenters shared that will also give like-minded individual the opportunity to network.

“As such, we decided to create a space for these individuals, who have already been exposed to the Foundation’s Conversations for Greatness (CFG) workshops. These beneficiaries will come together to share insights and gain a deeper understanding of the principles underpinning CFG and how to use them to ignite change in their communities through the use of the tools,” said Sutherland.

Participants at the inaugural staging of the Conversations for Greatness conference are revved up for action. (Photo: Contributed)

In sharing about the focus for this year’s staging, Celia Ebanks, conference organizer and programme manager at the Foundation said that the conference is timely, as the nation continues to be plagued by crime and corruption.

“We recognize that this is not in keeping with our vision for ourselves as a people, nor is it the future that our foreparents sought to help us create. The Foundation therefore realizes that it will take collective ownership for our country and playing our part, to enhance the welfare of ourselves, communities and country,” the conference organizer added.

The half day event will feature Donna Duncan-Scott, group chief culture and human development officer at JMMB, who will explore the power of unconditional love to transform situations and outcomes during her presentation at the conference.

During her presentation Duncan-Scott will engage with the attendees speaking to the need for mindset change, collective responsibility, interconnectedness and identifying ways that we can show brotherly love to each other, coming from a place of unconditional love.

Donna Duncan-Scott, group chief culture and human development officer at JMMB. (Photo: Contributed)

Paul A. Blake, counselling psychologist, minister of religion, motivational speaker and five time author, will also join the lineup of speakers. He will share from his personal journey of the possibilities that awaits individuals through mindset change and personal responsibility to create a better future not just for oneself and family but the community.

Ebanks notes, at the end of the conference, the expectation is that participants will not just walk away feeling inspired, but moved to action, recognizing the value in small steps in creating big impact.

The genesis of the CFG programmes dates back to 2015, where the Foundation rolled out this mindset programme in the schools and saw marked improvement, such as: a reduction in absenteeism, disciplinary infractions and suspensions; improved parental involvement; greater cohesion among school staff; and increased trust levels in schools.

The conference is in line with the Foundation’s commitment to assist individuals to transform their lives, and empower them to make a meaningful contribution to society.


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