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JM | Jul 24, 2022

JOA | Ludlow Watts failed to properly manage process of meeting Commonwealth Games regulations

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Ryan Foster, secretary general and CEO of the Jamaica Olympic Association. (Photo: Jamaica Olympic Association)

The Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA), reacting to a report by sports journalist Kayon Raynor regarding the travel arrangements in relation to the upcoming Commonwealth Games, has provided a response to claims allegedly outlined by Ludlow Watts, treasurer of the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA).

From time immemorial  travel grants in relation to athletes and officials have been instituted by owners of regional and international games and this has not changed and all parties are aware of this fact.

Last year, in relation to the Tokyo Olympic Games, travel agencies were identified with which member associations were advised to interface in making travel arrangements for their athletes and officials. The JAAA compiled and consulted a travel agency and made appropriate arrangements on behalf of their athletes and officials with the agency which is the said agency that is handling arrangements for the JAAA for the Commonwealth Games.

Mr Watts, a seasoned manager, understands that the travel grant is a fixed sum and as obtained in relation to the Tokyo Olympic, is aware that travel arrangements should be made efficiently by his association to avoid increased costs.

The Commonwealth Games get under way on July 28.

In the report by  Kayon Raynor, Mr Watts fails to mention that the JAAA adhered to the policy with respect to the Tokyo Games and gives the impression that  the JOA has the responsibility of dealing directly with member athletes of his governing body whose itineraries and attendant obligations are more known to the JAAA. Based on the previous course of dealing respecting the Tokyo Olympic Games to which the  JAAA adhered, the impression given is misconceived.

What clearly is of concern to Mr Watts, as keeper of the JAAA’s treasury, is the risk of increased travel costs consequent upon the delay committed by his association in failing to provide a definitive list of athletes and officials with settled itineraires coupled with its continual reworking of lists of athletes and officials in a vain attempt to comply with the regulations of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF). It is from this self-imposed risk that Mr Watts is attempting to flee in “championship” style.

Furthermore, the JOA is alarmed that in the report of Kayon Raynor, Mr Watts states that there is an overage of US$1,240.00 per person versus the individual travel grant when the JOA, to date, is still not in receipt from the JAAA of the itinerary costs of the track and field delegation.

Ludlow Watts, treasurer of the JAAA.

All other member associations which have sports participating in the Commonwealth Games, in keeping with the established course of dealing, interfaced with their respective travel agencies, made appropriate bookings cost-effectively and are either comfortable in Birmingham or en route seamlessly.

Had Mr Watts, as Chancellor of the Exchequer of the JAAA, complied with the CGF’s regulations and refrained from providing lists that changed continually and are still changing to date, he would not have found himself and placed his association in this quandary.

Despite Mr Watts’ failure to manage the process, the JOA, in the interest of Jamaica’s athletes, will work with the travel agency with a view to having them attend the Games. Also, the JOA reminds Mr Watts that it has never resiled from its obligation regarding travel costs and therefore his misstatement that the JOA is refusing to pay is ill-conceived. What he must consider is that the business of sport requires economic decisions to ensure viability.


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