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Johnathan Fletcher’s FIMS Creative Agency, Doing Common Things Uncommonly Well

Ategie Edwards

Ategie Edwards / Our Today

Material created for FIMS client

Johnathan Fletcher, owner and operator of the digital marketing company Fletcher Integrated Marketing Solutions (FIMS), has always been one to prove the masses wrong.

The entrepreneur had a rather interesting backstory to how his business came to be. It was while arguing with his very first client a few years ago, that he develop his brainchild.

Fletcher had an encounter with a sales representative who was at odds with the idea of social media.

“He was saying to me he doesn’t understand the whole social media craze… with different businesses using social media, he thinks it’s taking away from the personal touch as a sales rep,” the businessman shared with Our Today.

FIMS Creative Agency Owner and Operator Johnathan Fletcher.

Despite the beliefs of the sales representative, Fletcher somehow managed to convince him how important the medium actually is, especially in this day and age. Ironically, the sales representative some time later reached out the digital marketing expert, who he then asked to manage the social media platforms for his business. The sales representative went on to become the company’s first official client.

Since then, Fletcher has gone on to amass even more clients, describing the support he has received so far as good.

“The support has been good in all honesty, I can’t complain.”

Very passionate about his business and the quality of work his team produces, the entrepreneur knew from a very tender age that he would venture into this field. However, it was unknown to him exactly how his dream would manifest.

The digital marketing company specialises in content creation, social media marketing, website creation, website design and creative connection.

Fletcher described creative connection as linking one business to the next.

“If a business needs something to be done, we will link them with the right creatives to get them done.”

FIMS also offers several packages which clients can choose from, however, if there are clients who have a unique situation, FIMS Creative Agency will construct a customised package to suit their needs.

Fletcher attributes word of mouth, social media marketing and Google ads to the growth of his company.

Despite his success, Fletcher admits he would have spent more time at his 9-5 in an effort to purchase more materials for his company.

The digital marketing extraordinaire envisions a future in which his company has several branches across the globe and has a variety of studios for businesses to rent.

“I see things being operational in several countries right across the world. Being able to help business to grow exponentially, especially in the online space,” he said.

FIMS creative agency provides a great segue into the digital/online marketing sphere and is dedicated to building and maintaining their client’s brand.

“I am a creative, running a creative business, helping persons to tap into their inner creativity and present their businesses and brands in a creative way,” Fletcher shared.

For all things digital marketing, FIMS Creative Agency can be contacted via:

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