GBR | Sep 17, 2022

Joys of a big breakfast: UK study finds it could suppress appetite for the remainder of the day

Al Edwards

Al Edwards / Our Today


A study from the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom has found that having a big breakfast and a small dinner could help weight loss by suppressing appetite.

The recommendation is to have a big breakfast and eat light at night to give your body time to burn off calories during the course of the day.

The study monitored 30 people who were overweight and were placed under a calorie-restricted diet over four weeks. All meals consisted of 35 per cent fat, 30 per cent protein and 35 per cent carbohydrate. Breakfast consisted of toast, sausage, bacon, omelettes, mushrooms and smoothie.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner came to 1,700 calories a day.

The study surmised, “A small breakfast more rapidly empties from the stomach leaving the consumer hungry again sooner. A larger meal in the morning could help increase the content remaining in the gut and duration of emptying, therefore, reducing the likelihood of overeating later in the day.

“Morning loaded intake (big breakfast) may assist with compliance to weight loss regime through a greater suppression of appetite.

“It is, therefore, possible that we may have found more striking effects in terms of weight loss over a longer duration. Diets that promote greater calorie intake in the morning and lower calorie intake in the evening are likely to produce sustained weight loss.”

Professor Alexandra Johnstone further added: “The studies suggest for appetite control, the big breakfast was a winner.

‘If you can start your day with a healthy big breakfast, you are more likely to maintain physical activity levels and maintain that control over appetite for the remainder of the day.”


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