JM | Jan 24, 2023

Judiciary tackling concerns around traffic fine payments not showing up on ticket management system

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The Court Administration Division (CAD) of the Ministry of Justice is moving to assure the nation that it the Judiciary is aware of issues with the recording of the payment of traffic fines on the Traffic Ticket Management System (TTMS) and that it has been taking steps to address the problem.

In a statement, the CAD noted that some individuals have reported that they have paid their fines in court, yet the tickets still remain as unpaid on the TTMS.

“The Judiciary is taking steps to rectify this problem, particularly for those who have paid for their traffic tickets at court offices across the island,” the CAD said.

For individuals who are still in possession of their receipts, the CAD indicated that they are being asked to send copies of those receipts to [email protected].

The information on the receipt will be verified, and upon completion, the TTMS will be updated to reflect the payment and indicate that the matter has been disposed of.

A smart android device and portable printer that will be carried by traffic police in the Corporate Area to will facilitate the electronic issuance of traffic tickets, among other things.

For those who are no longer in possession of their receipts, they are being asked to email their names, TRNs (Tax Registration Number), and where available, the month and year the ticket was paid for. Internal checks will be made, and once the information is found, the TTMS will be updated accordingly.

“The Judiciary understands that this is causing significant inconvenience to those who have genuinely paid their fines and is committed to working with these individuals to have the issue rectified within the shortest possible time,” the CAD said.

For any additional questions or concerns, individuals have been advised that they may contact the CAD at 876-754-8337 for more information.


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