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Julian Clarke: Changing lives with JC Naturals & Beauty

Mikala Johnson

Mikala Johnson / Our Today

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Chief Executive Officer at JC Naturals & Beauty, Julian Clarke. (Photo: Contributed)

As the world honours the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society, what better way to celebrate than to highlight the journey of a strong Jamaican woman who is creating her own history.

Julian Clarke is among the many Jamaican women who are positively impacting lives through their work.

Clarke is the proud owner and CEO of one of the fastest growing skincare and haircare lines in Jamaica – JC Naturals & Beauty.

The 27-year-old’s journey is one that’s best described as a roller coaster ride. It had its ups and its down but, nonetheless, Clarke was able to achieve one of her life’s goals by sheer determination and will power.

Clarke, a former foster child, describes her past as being “really drastic” and one that would eventually lead to self-hate.  

“I had severe acne as a child. I did not love myself and grew up emotionally, physically and mentally damaged,” Clarke told Our Today.

Despite this, Clarke was able to develop a mindset that would aid her in realising her dreams and helping others to do the same.

“The drive, the motivation and the pressures of life conditioned my mindset to build JC Naturals and Beauty Brand and, the fact that I was completely broke but wanted to win. So, I pushed as hard as I could for a better life,” the CEO said.

Growing up suffering from acne, Clarke knew exactly what it was like to live with a skin condition that may affect one’s self-esteem.  

“I now use my past to let everyone know that they are beautiful and can use products I develop to help correct their skin problems.”

Two years ago marked a significant milestone in Clarke’s journey, as the online company was officially launched, much to the delight of many.

“Since 2021, JC Naturals & Beauty’s vision has been to scientifically develop natural skincare and haircare products that work! The business was started to allow people to love themselves naturally, feel beautiful and use natural products that make them feel fantastic from the inside,” Clarke shared.

Today JC Naturals & Beauty is a company that offers products that are sought after by many Jamaicans including those in the diaspora.

Clarke said the company has seen tremendous growth and is looking forward to making a greater impact within the beauty sector.

 “We’re proud to have grown as more and more people across Jamaica are using our products and are seeing results. This natural skincare company is making a difference. We remain independent and fully owned by a strong black woman!”

The company prides itself on only using natural ingredients to develop all its products. Clarke, who has a business background, saw the opportunity to provide something that was needed and, without hesitation, she took advantage of the chance.

“I am from a business background. So, I sought assistance from a chemist in the formulation of all products. I also attended free seminars and did online training sessions. With this, I was able to develop formulations of natural ingredients used effectively to create high-quality and affordable skincare products, for our clients to have an easy-to-follow regimen at home,” Clarke said proudly.

The entrepreneur said the company, which currently imports raw materials, is aiming to make a difference by offering products that work.

“You’ll also find we don’t use harmful filler ingredients; just raw, active, and clinical-grade natural ingredients proven to make a positive difference. As our journey continues and our product range grows, the reason we began the skincare company remains the same. We’re here to help people achieve the best possible look, with honest products we stand behind.”

According to the CEO, the company’s bestselling products are the turmeric and walnut creamy scrub, stretch marks remover oil, dark spot remover cream, turmeric and honey face wash, turmeric body butter, shea face and body cream, glow face serum, coffee glow face and body scrub.

Aloe vera and tea tree oil shampoo, avocado conditioner, hair growth oil and kojic acid soap are also among the top sellers. 

Clarke is encouraging Jamaicans to start taking better care of their skin and, in doing so, do it the natural way.

“The process of having clean skin requires for you to cleanse your face, exfoliate (two to three times per week), treat your pores and moisturise.

“We have the bestselling kit to treat acne, dark spots, discoloration and hyperpigmentation. This kit is the turmeric and honey face wash, turmeric and walnut creamy scrub, rose water toner and dark spot remover cream,” Clarke added.

Helping others along the way

Given her background and experience over the years, the entrepreneur finds joy in helping others around her, through mentorship, to achieve their dreams.

“I have created a network of 106 entrepreneurs, non-entrepreneurs and foster children. It’s a motivational and empowerment group for everyone. The group was started to help others know that they are important, they matter and should find themselves and create wealth and success for themselves.”

Clarke’s good deeds don’t end there. The businesswoman is seeking the Government’s help to establish an institution geared toward teaching foster children to develop entrepreneurial skills.

“I am also requesting help from the Government to build an institution to help entrepreneurs, or even more so help foster children become entrepreneurs and create wealth for themselves.”

[email protected] on Instagram or @jcnaturals401 on TikTok to find out more about the products and services offered by the company.


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