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CARIB | Mar 15, 2023

Kalehia Johnson | Improving the awareness among high school students in the Caribbean region about climate change

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Kalehia Johnson

Several calls have been made in recent times to improve the awareness of climate change among our Caribbean citizens. And while several activists have made significant improvements over the years we must continue to persist wholeheartedly. The importance of this battle cannot be overemphasised.

However, I strongly believe that placing some emphasis on raising awareness among high school students in the Caribbean is one way of tackling the issue.

The question then remains. How then do we get high school students to start paying more attention to climate change and the negative effects? How do we get them to see the reality that the quality of our existence depends on the measures that we implement? It is clear then that continued persistent educational activities is one way to consider in reaching high school students on this very important issue. It can not be seen as an adult only concern. The education systems in the Caribbean is one of the answers to the problems we face as a region.


A part from integrating the effects of climate change as a thematic approach in lessons across the curriculum other activities such as debate competitions can be hosted both locally and regionally. The moots can be centred around aspects of climate change hence whilst the learners are benefitting from all that a debate has to offer they will be forced to do substantial research on climate change thus engaging in discovery learning on a very important regional issue. Additionally, supporters who tune in will be acquiring knowledge on the issue.

Another simple and practical strategy that can be employed is the implementation of national poster competitions on ways to tackle climate change. This will not only cater to learners of different multiple intelligence but will then inform students on different solutions to the impending disasters relating to climate change if something is not done.

These activities could be spearheaded by different environmental bodies in each country in the region. In fact, the more attractive the prizes then the more motivated students will be. This is one sure way to raise awareness through art. Similarly, writing competitions could be employed to raise awareness. However, it is imperative that teachers and administrators of schools buy into these activities because that can heavily influence the level of involvement by pupils. These educational activities can be used to effectively get students involved in the discussion about climate change.

Social media could be used as an engine to boost students’ awareness. The education sector could produce videos and other audio visuals material that could be shared on government websites and by influencers. This can stir their interests and motivate the youngsters to do what they can in the battle against climate change. If these videos are solution oriented and call viewers to action they may be motivated to act.


Another way to get students to understand the seriousness of climate change is through Caribbean conferences, seminars and workshops for students. Planning interesting gatherings with activities tailored to the students will get them to realize that this is not just a national issue but something that affects the entire region therefore they ought to be involved. These gatherings will allow them to meet persons within their age groups of different nationalities who are making a difference which can be an inspiring factor.

Additionally, regional and national examination bodies can include material on climate change  to test the students as well. A comprehension passage on climate change for example forces students to actually read hence while testing them they would become more informed on the issue. Though the aim of the exam is to test the different comprehension levels the students would have improved their awareness of climate change based on the passage chosen by the examining body.

There are indeed several ways to boost the level of awareness in relation to climate change among youngsters however educational activities can prove quite beneficial. It is time for the relevant sectors in the Caribbean nations to get youngsters more involved in this ongoing battle.

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