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JAM | Feb 11, 2024

Kalehia Johnson | Parental involvement: A vital ingredient 

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As Jamaica continues to search for answers to the existing challenges that face the education sectors we cannot ignore the leaps that have been made. 

Jamaica continues to graduate some of the very best who are able to effect changes across the globe for a sustainable future. While the best practices are many there continues to be a challenge in reading levels in many high schools across the nation. Naturally, there is no one answer as data continues to be analysed to improve this factor. However, one thing that can be unanimously agreed on by all stakeholders is that improved parental involvement can only enhance the education system.

Too many Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) meetings are missing one of the key stakeholders-the parents.

Understandably, parents have to be out ‘hustling’ or ‘securing the bag’ to financially care for their children but their presence in the academic lives of the children are of equal importance.

In fact, when the students see how interested their parents and guardians are in their education it can be a motivating factor to excel. However, when consultation days are filled with more teachers than parents it sends the wrong message. Learners need to see that their education is of importance to their parents- it makes a difference. 

Too many uncollected reports are still in many schools.

It can not be that after a whole academic year parents do not want feedback. What happened to the days when report card days were buzzing with mothers, fathers, grandmothers and even little sisters and brothers.

Education is still a family affair. It can not be that only graduation day gets the attention. 

The years leading up to graduation are vital and that is when these beautiful young minds need the cheers to get them to that monumental day. What about helping the children with their homework?

Do we still read with them? I am sure that many teachers would love to engage parents in discussions about the well being of their children. Let us as parents regain our rightful place and get involved in the education of the nation’s children as we all seek answers for advancement through education. Education is still a family affair.


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