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JM | Nov 20, 2022

Kenny Benjamin | We must form a public-private partnership to fight crime in Jamaica

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Kenny Benjamin with Daryl Vaz, minister of science, energy and technology.

Kenny Benjamin formed security company Guardsman 45 years ago and it has gone on to become the leader in its field. At an event held at the AC Marriott Hotel in St Andrew, the company unveiled Guardsman Metaverse, its latest technological offerings.

During his presentation, Benjamin called for a closer collaboration between the public and the private sector in fighting what seems to be the insurmountable surge in criminal activity in Jamaica.

Below is the founder and executive Chairman of the Guardsman Group’s full address: 

Guardsman always has been and always will be a company that thinks outside of the box. 

We have always listened carefully to what our clients require and we have found a way to deliver. It is you, our clients who have not only kept us focused on providing world class service, but have driven us to remain focused on the future, to explore new avenues and to evolve.

 In 1977, I formed Guardsman Limited because I saw a need for quality security services in Jamaica. It quickly became the leading security provider in Jamaica and together with Marksman, now employs over 8,000 members across the Caribbean.

Kenny Benjamin, executive chairman of the Guardsman Group.

Again, by staying close to the needs of the market Guardsman Armoured was created in 1982 and offered secure cash-in-transit services which we now know as the successful high-risk financial and technology outsourcing company, Beryllium.

By 1987, I formed Guardsman Communication. For the first time, businesses and homes around the island could secure their assets and loved ones through alarm systems with monitoring and armed response 24/7.

More recently, Guardsman Armoured went through a transition and moved into another dimension expanding its offerings. With this transition it could no longer be perceived as just a currency management company.  Hence the creation of BERYLLIUM – ‘The Element of Change’


Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe it was about this time last year, right here in this room at the unveiling of BERYLLIUM when our Group Managing Director Mr. Vinay Walia told our guests that they must be prepared to hear of more transitions that would demonstrate our continued commitment to the changing needs of our clients. “More to come – was his parting shot if I remember correctly.

True to his word Vinay has led his team on a digital transformation journey resulting in a revitalized company that is resilient and a business model that is more aligned with today’s changing customer demands. Technology has become the main driver of growth in companies around the world and will become the platform through which we will not only meet the needs of our clients but truly make a difference in improving the safety and security of our nation.

Vinay Walia, managing director, Guardsman Group, during his address at the launch of Beryllium Limited, formerly Guardsman Armoured Limited. The launch took place on Tuesday, November 30, at the AC Hotel by Marriott in Kingston.

Much has changed since I started Guardsman in 1977 but our reputation as the pioneer, the innovator and the leader in the security industry is unwavering and will not change. As always, my pledge to you is that we will remain true to who we are. We are The Standard and yes, we intend to keep it that way.

Before I leave I would like to take this opportunity to offer my thoughts on a public/ private partnership between State Security and Private Security to deliver more seamless, intelligent and powerful security solutions to deal with crime in our island nation. Honourable Minister Chang as the leader of the largest security company in Jamaica my team and I are in a unique position and along with our nation’s security forces, can play a critical role in diminishing crime in Jamaica.


As we prepare to unveil the results of our digital transformation journey today, Minister, I ask that you view this technology as the platform that can be utilised effectively in conjunction with the resources of the JCF.

In closing I would like to borrow the words of our prime minister as he addressed our very first forum on this concept in May of 2017. He said: “The Government cannot act alone, we are all invested in this one boat of Jamaica, we all have to hold hands and paddle together in the direction of prosperity”.

I could not agree with him more and we stand ready to begin this dialogue sir.


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