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Kenyan dancer Moya David dancing his way into people’s heart

Mikala Johnson

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Kenyan dancer Moya David (Photo: Instagram @Moya David)

If you frequent social media, especially Tik Tok, then chances are you probably have bumped into a couple of Moya David’s fascinating dance videos. The Kenyan dancer, who has more than three million followers on Tik Tok, has taken surprises to a whole new level with his creativity and talent.

The suave dancer is popularly known for ambushing people in the streets, markets, homes, restaurants, baby showers and even birthday parties before he spreads cheer by entertaining them by dancing.

One of Moya David’s earlier videos. (Source: YouTube)

He surprises people with a choreographed dance to the famous song Mi Amor. He then gets down on his knee and presents the individual with flowers or their gifts and tops everything off with a confetti pop.

In 2021, David decided to create content for social media platform Tik Tok. Originally the content posted on his Tik Tik portrayed the dancer dressed in a Taekwondo outfit, cheekily teasing persons on the street to capture their reactions once he bursts into his dance moves.

The dancer said he usually has security personnel on set, but on one particular occasion he did not have one and Maasai men almost beat him up.

David, also a video director, said his aim is not to provoke people but spread joy through dance.

This little girl got a big surprise from dancer Moya David. (Source: YouTube)

After that incident he went back to the drawing board and came up with another idea, one which has made him a household name in Kenya. A newer and more creative strategy saw David walking up to random people in the streets and suddenly breaking into dance for them and presenting them with a chocolate bar and flowers at the end of his performance.

Moya David strikes a pose with one of his fan. (Photo: Instagram @Moya David)

This strategy was more rewarding for him as he was able to make people smile, hence his moniker ‘The King of Smiles’. The idea became lucrative for the Tik Tok star after he rose to fame in 2022 when his Valentine’s Day dance videos went viral.

Since then, David has been paid by many Kenyans and others in the African diaspora to surprise and perform for their loved ones.

This Moya David fan received a birthday surprise (Source: YouTube)

The popular street dancer had other plans for his career as, at one point, his dream was to become a journalist. He actually holds a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication. His passion for dance would have him take up dancing professionally in 2019.

David continues to reap success, thanks to his creativity, and, in an interview with a local media house in his home country, the dancer revealed that his passion has opened doors.

His talent has taken the Kenyan to other African nations such as Zambia and South Sudan to surprise and perform for his fans.

Moya David journeyed to South Sudan to surprise a fan! (Source: YouTube)

He also shared that he will be going to South Africa and Nigeria for a number of upcoming surprises. The Tik Tok star highlighted that he has received tremendous support from Kenyans and those within the diaspora.

The dancer, who happens to operate a dance studio, is now looking to train dancers to help him in carrying out his service of surprising people across the African continent.

Dancer Moya David on a flight to Zambia. (Photo: Instagram @Moya David)

With his success continuing to grow, the dancer is looking to expand his brand and recently invested in a high-end spa. The reception was stylishly decorated in black and gold, and a red carpet was laid out for guests.

Moya David poses with his staff at the grand opening of his newest venture, Moya City Spa. (Photo: Instagram @ Moya David)

A glam cam was also on hand to capture the moments as the Moya City Spa came to life.


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