JAM | Jun 21, 2023

KFC collaborates with social media influencers to launch ‘Crispy BBQ Zinger’

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Thumbs up KFC! Content Creator Danielle ‘DaniRooks’ Rookwood captured video
content while taste-testing her first crispy BBQ zinger sandwich. (Photos: Contributed)

KFC has teamed up with a diverse group of social media influencers for the launch of their highly anticipated product, the ‘KFC Crispy BBQ Zinger’.

This innovative move aims to provide consumers with an engaging and authentic experience through a taste session featuring the hot new sandwich.

The exclusive influencer group consisted of prominent personalities such as Radio Presenter Wesley ‘HitWes’ Hylton, Content Creators Danielle ‘DaniRooks’ Rookwood, Jehneel Anderson, Jade ‘Jade Troi’ McGann, Shakeen ‘Shaii’ Smith, and Shelby ‘I am Shelby’ Bradshaw, along with Photographer Akeem Boothe. Coming together, they shared their genuine reviews of the Crispy BBQ Zinger, which were highly regarded by their followers.

After a successful taste session, Restaurants of Jamaica Brand Manager Andrei Roper presents the day’s influencers with tokens of appreciation. From left to right: Content Creator Shelby ‘I am Shelby’ Bradshaw; Content Creator Shakeen ‘Shaii’ Smith; Content Creator Jehneel Anderson; Photographer Akeem Boothe; Content Creator Jade ‘Jade Troi’ McGann; Content Creator Danielle ‘DaniRooks’ Rookwood; Radio Presenter Wesley ‘HitWes’ Hylton; and Restaurants of Jamaica Brand Manager Andrei Roper.

Explaining the motivation behind the collaboration, Andrei Roper, brand manager at Restaurants of Jamaica, emphasised the growing influence of social media influencers in today’s society.

Roper stated: “The influencer culture is a growing phenomenon in our country today, and so we decided to host a taste session with our new crispy BBQ Zinger sandwich with different personalities. Partnering with influencers on new products is a great way for the public to get authentic and entertaining feedback on menu items from influencers who have built a trusted reputation with their followers over time. It’s not just about how influencers can help us sell products, but about how the audience can get information from influencers they know and have confidence in.”

Danielle ‘DaniRooks’ Rookwood, one of the influencers involved, highlighted the value and significance of such partnerships. She expressed, “This partnership with KFC allows us both to connect our audiences in an authentic fashion. With brand partnerships, you won’t always appeal to everyone, but given today’s social media culture and trends, I think the majority like the idea of their favorite personalities sharing their thoughts and feedback. Though viewers may question the reliability of an influencer’s feedback, I will proudly say my audience knows I will give my truest review because that’s my brand.”

Can I taste it now? Radio Presenter Wesley ‘HitWes’ Hylton took a large bite of his
first crispy BBQ zinger sandwich.

Radio Presenter Wesley ‘HitWes’ Hylton echoed the impact of the influencer culture, emphasising the significant role influencers play in consumer decision-making. He remarked, “Content creation is currently one of the biggest markets locally and internationally. Consumers are now looking out for their influencers to promote or review a product before purchasing, and this speaks volumes to where we are now and the impact of influencer partnerships. This was certainly a good move by KFC to share honest reviews with their consumers.”

The Crispy BBQ Zinger sandwich is crafted from KFC’s renowned spicy zinger filet and features delectable ingredients such as crispy onions, bacon, melted cheese, and smoky BBQ sauce, all nestled within a warm, toasted, buttered brioche bun. This limited-time offering is available for purchase at all KFC locations through carry-out, drive-thru, delivery, and even through WhatsApp.

With the successful collaboration between KFC and these influential personalities, the launch of the Crispy BBQ Zinger is set to make waves in the culinary world, attracting customers seeking authentic reviews and a mouthwatering dining experience.


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