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JAM | May 30, 2023

Khadija ‘Bunny’ Shaw signs contract extension with Manchester City

Vanassa McKenzie

Vanassa McKenzie / Our Today

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Khadija ‘Bunny’ Shaw (Photo: Manchester City).

Jamaican football player Khadija ‘Bunny’ Shaw has signed a two-year contract extension with Manchester City.

In an interview with the club on Tuesday (May 30) Shaw said that she is delighted to continue her journey with the club noting that she sees growth with the club.

Reflecting on the season, Shaw said: “I think I put all my effort and time on the pitch, obviously for the position that I play and the quality that I have around me, I know that I am going to be in the position to score goals and at the moment, I am scoring and I am happy.”

Khadijah ‘Bunny’ Shaw celebrates with teammates after scoring her second goal against Britsol City in the Continental League Cup on Wednesday, January 19. Manchester City Women won the match 3-1. (Photo: Twitter @ManCityWomen)

Shaw also noted her manager, Gareth Taylor is a major contributor to her accomplishments this season who was been challenging her to learn and improve on her skill.

“He’s been great. I have a really good relationship with Gareth, he challenges me a lot and you know as a player that can go either way but for me, I am always open to learning and improving and I think this season he has gotten me the next level,” she added.

Manchester signed Shaw on a three year deal in 2021. Shaw scored her first hat-trick for the club in a 6–0 FA Cup win against Leicester City.

Shaw has been named Manchester’s City Player of the season and highest-scoring women’s player across a single season.


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