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Kilimall, Chinese e-commerce company making a positive impact on the African continent

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By Tiffany Holman in Beijing

Yang Tao, the founder of Kilimall, is the man behind the innovative online retail platform that’s taking Africa by storm.

V.P Xie Bin (Photo: Our Today)

Tao saw the potential for e-commerce in Africa and recognised the unique challenges and opportunities in the market. He launched Kilimall with a focus on providing a seamless and affordable online shopping experience for customers in Africa.

Born in China, Yang Tao had a passion for entrepreneurship from a young age. After studying at Hunan University, he pursued a career in business, working in various industries before founding Kilimall in 2014.

The name “Kilimall” is inspired by the Swahili word “Kilima,” which means “mountain” or “hill.” This name was chosen to represent the company’s ambitious goal of reaching new heights in the e-commerce industry in Africa.

Kilimall started out as an online marketplace for Chinese products but soon expanded its operations to include local and international brands. The company has a strong presence in Africa, with offices in Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria, and partnerships with local businesses and governments to provide more localized services to customers across the continent.

V.P Xie Bin (centre), enthused by Usain Bolt. (Photo: Our Today)

One of Kilimall’s unique features is its commitment to social impact. The company has launched several initiatives to support education and entrepreneurship in Africa, such as providing scholarships to students and supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs across the continent.

Kilimall’s success is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and the potential for innovation and growth in emerging markets. With Yang Tao’s vision and leadership, Kilimall continues to revolutionize the e-commerce industry in Africa and empower local businesses and entrepreneurs.

The company’s dedication to making a positive impact on the African continent is impeccable. 


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