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‘King Fraser’ receives his Super Lotto Jackpot prize winnings of J$542.5 million

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‘King Fraser’, winner of the Super Lotto Jackpot drawn on April 4, 2023

A. Fraser, also referred to as ‘King Fraser’, the winner of the Super Lotto Jackpot, on Tuesday (May 2) officially received his winnings of J$542.5 million.

Dressed in his royal disguise, Fraser was celebrated by representatives from Supreme Ventures team, International Game Technology (IGT), Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission among others.

Shortly before the handover, Stefan Miller, senior vice president of product management and business development at Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL), in celebrating Fraser, said, “At Supreme Ventures, when we say we make winners everyday, we mean it. We have many gamers winning hundreds of thousands of dollars practically every hour of every day playing our games. Already this year, we have had multiple lotto winners. Despite [there being] scores of millionaires just in 2023 alone, there is something extra special about today’s millionaire”.

From left: Executive Chairman of Supreme Ventures Limited, Gary Peart celebrating over a glass of champaign with A. Fraser, winner of the Super Lotto Jackpot

“This is our biggest millionaire in our 22 year history. For weeks, the entire island of Jamaica was in a frenzy as the jackpot climbed higher and higher hitting new heights with each passing draw. People watched with bated breath after each draw to see if it was hit. That day came just about a month ago on April 4 when one man took it all. Our lucky winner, Mr. Fraser, or as I now refer to him as King Fraser, won for himself the largest Super Lotto Jackpot ever in Jamaica with a mind blowing and life changing $542.5 million dollars. This is a life changing win for our winner, and based on our conversations with him, we know that he will be putting his newfound wealth to great use,” Miller continued.

He also shared that the Super Lotto Jackpot win not only brings joy to the winner but also to SVL. He said, “The SVL team is thrilled to transform the life of yet another Jamaican with a historic jackpot”.

Historically, worldwide, lottery winners are known to lose all their winnings almost as quickly as they receive them. However, in an effort to prevent that from happening to Fraser, the Supreme Ventures team went a bit further than doing the official hand over of Fraser’s winnings.

From left: Gary Peart, executive chairman of Supreme Ventures Ltd, A. Fraser, winner of the Super Lotto Jackpot, and Debbie Green, general manager of International Game Technology during the signing of official documents before the handover of the J$542.5 million.

Gary Peart, executive chairman of SVL said, “Today, we have actually invited representatives of three financial institutions, Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB), Sagicor, and Mayberry Investments. We think we need to put our winners in the best position to ensure that the way forward would serve not just them but, their children for generations to come”.

As such, the representatives of the three financial institutions met with ‘King Fraser’ in an effort to help him to explore options of proper money management in order to better manage his Super Lotto Jackpot winnings.

Super Lotto: multi-jurisdictional game with 13 of 24 winners from Jamaica

For her part, Debbie Green, general manager of IGT, in speaking about the Super Lotto Jackpot said, “it is what we call a multi-jurisdictional game and that means that it is offered in more than one jurisdiction. So, currently, we have seven jurisdictions. Jamaica, Barbados, [and other] islands in the Eastern Caribbean”.

A. Fraser, winner of the Super Lotto Jackpot

She said that the Super Lotto Jackpot is the first game of its kind in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

“Many of you would be familiar with the Powerballs to win mega millions, this is the Caribbean and Latin America’s version [with] our multi-jurisdictional game. It starts with a super sized jackpot of US$125 million. So, now that Mr. Fraser has won, we started over the roll.,” she said.

Green shared that Super Lotto of Jamaica has created the most super lotto winners in the history of the game. Jamaica has had 13 of 24 winners.

A. Fraser, winner of the Super Lotto Jackpot

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