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Kranium announces split from Atlantic Records

Tamoy Ashman

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Dancehall artiste Kemar Donaldson, popularly known as Kranium. (Photo: Instagram @Kranium)

Dancehall artiste Kemar Donaldson, popularly known as Kranium, has announced that he will be leaving Atlantic Records after almost eight years with the label.

The singer shared the news today (March 2) in an Instagram post to his followers, where he wrote that he has officially begun a new journey.

Kranium released his hit song, Nobody Has To Know, in 2013, gaining international recognition that led to him signing a deal with the New York-based company in 2015.

“I was the only dancehall artist signed to a major when I did the deal and it wasn’t easy being a dancehall artist based in New York City!!! Although I had a lot of great moments, I had terrible experiences in the mix and that’s what comes with taking chances!!,” he wrote in his post.

Dancehall artiste Kranium poses with his collection of plaques. (Photo: Instagram @Kranium)

While seemingly reflecting on his journey, the 29-year-old shared a photo of the plaques he received during his time in the industry.

“I wanna thank @breeroyal_ for fighting for me in that building!! Over a billion stream!! Three silver in the UK! Certified Gold in America! Three certified gold and a platinum in Canada that’s not a easy mountain to climb and we did that… but we finally come to an end of a dope partnership thanks to the Atlantic team and everyone that supported me,” the Montego Bay native continued.

Kranium is based in the United States. During his time as an artiste he released two albums, Rumors in 2015 and Midnight Sparks in 2019. He also dropped an EP last November entitled In Too Deep.

In his post, the artiste said the end of the partnership signifies a new journey. Reports are that he is set to release his third album as either an independent artiste or under a new label.

However, Kranium has not yet confirmed if he plans to form another partnership with a new recording label.

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