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Kristofferson Nunes takes up new posts at Point Global Marketing

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PGM acquires Nunes’ UCA Limited

Kristofferson Nunes.

Youth ambassador and entrepreneur Kristofferson Nunes has been appointed to the roles of head of agency operations and group marketing officer at marketing consultancy and brand development firm, Point Global Marketing (PGM).

Nunes, who headed youth marketing agency UCA Limited, will act as a change agent within PGM, where he will manage the group’s internal brands, which include Esther Ventures Limited and My Laundry Bucket, as well as manage PGM from an operational standpoint as the group aims to further solidify its hybrid working arrangements.

“This move was an easy decision for me and the PGM team – we share similar goals to help small businesses and young entrepreneurs through fostering collaboration and offer wide reach social impact by adding value to the space,” Nunes shared.


Nunes added that, for the upcoming year, his main aim is to amplify the works already being done by PGM under CEO Javette Nixon.

“Javette and PGM have been incredibly focused on helping small business owners solidify their place in the market – especially through the annual Digital Housing Conference. I intend to further amplify the work being done as we strive to create employment opportunities, leverage technology to help those who may be overlooked and create sustainable collaborative opportunities for our audience,” Nunes added.

Javette Nixon, CEO of Point Global Marketing.

Nixon shared that this new development was a long time in coming.

“We wanted to ensure we hired someone who aligned with our brand and vision – Kristofferson started his own company UCA Limited, during his final year at university. What he was doing with UCA, helping young people in different areas, was so similar to what we’re doing here – just on a smaller scale. That, to me, spoke volumes,” Nixon said.

He went on to share that it was through the observance of their similar passions that the acquisition of UCA took place – which then led to the appointment of Nunes.

“We’re excited about the prospects and opportunities that lay ahead,” Nixon closed.

Point Global Marketing has worked with more than 108 companies across the Caribbean in the past 10 years, providing digital marketing and strategic branding work and has recently, along with 10 other international companies – joined forces to launch the Purposewerx Agency Collective.


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