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KSAMC to install canopies in downtown Kingston

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Mayor of Kingston, Senator Councillor Delroy Williams (right), consults with Deputy Mayor, Councillor Winston Ennis (centre) and Chief Executive Officer, Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC), Robert Hill, during the KSAMC’s monthly meeting on Tuesday (May 9). The meeting was held at the KSAMC in downtown Kingston. (Photo: Michael Sloley)

The Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) will be installing canopies in the Parade area of downtown Kingston to provide users of the space with shade from the sun and rain.

Kingston’s Mayor, Senator Councillor Delroy Williams, says this will form part of the Corporation’s Labour Day project this year.

“That’s a public space where our citizens come and they wait on public transportation. Many of our citizens are complaining that the place is hot, meaning the sun, during the days when they have to come and wait on the buses. So, we have looked at the space and we are going to try our best to put up a few canopies to provide some shaded areas,” Senator Williams advised.

He was speaking during the Corporation’s monthly meeting at the KSAMC in downtown Kingston.

Senator Williams informed that members of the City Engineer Department have conducted assessments of the area to determine the best approach to installing the canopies. He said while some of the work will be undertaken before and on Labour Day, the majority will be done after.

Parade downtown Kingston. (Photo: National Gallery of Jamaica)

“For example, the covering will have to be designed and manufactured. So for some of it, we will put in the structures but the covering will be [done afterwards],” he advised.

The Mayor said work will also be done at the Wolmer’s car park, adding that “there are some road repair issues in that general area”.

“So, the general Parade area we will look at for pre- and post-Labour Day. We will also do some work along the northside, but that will come post-Labour Day, and the front of the Ward Theatre. We expect to do all of that within two months post-Labour Day,” he added.

Tree-planting activities scheduled

Meanwhile, the Mayor informed that tree-planting activities will be undertaken at the Maverley park, as well as the community of Duhaney Park.

He advised that the City Engineering Department is looking to repair roadways that have been damaged by cement droplets.

Senator Williams informed that the roads have been identified, adding that dialogue has been initiated with the respective companies. He also indicated that the Corporation will be partnering with Ocean Clean Up to remove waste from several gullies.


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