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USA | Nov 26, 2023

LA Clippers dominate Mavericks at home

Shari-Lee Crooks

Shari-Lee Crooks / Our Today

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The Los Angeles Clippers had a wire-to-wire victory against the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday (November 25).

The Clippers had an impressive opening frame while the Mavericks struggled for points.

The home team finished the opening quarter with 29 points and an eleven-point margin.

The two teams were more even in the second quarter but the Mavericks were unable to dent the margin and went into halftime down by the same eleven-point difference.

The Mavericks unfortunately would repeat their first-quarter form and only manage seventeen points in the entire interval.

Even though Kawhi Leonard was struggling from the floor, the Clippers would still maintain an impressive offensive rhythm.

Luka Dončić in contrast was firing on all cylinders in the hopes of rallying his team from behind.

The fourth quarter would see an improvement to the Mavericks’ offense but they would not have enough of a surge to undo the hole they dug for themselves across the rest of the game.

In the end, the home team would win 107-88.

Luka Dončić and Kyrie Irving would lead their team in scoring with 30 points and 26 points respectively.

With no one else on the Mavericks scoring more than 12 points, the tandem was unable to do much against the Clippers with no other real assistance on the night.

Leonard would have an uncharacteristic night with only eight points but luckily the Clippers got a balanced contribution from many scorers led by Paul George who scored 25 points.

Terance Mann chipped in with 17 points as the other starter in double digits.

Russell Westbrook and Norman Powell put in 14 points and 15 points respectively off the bench and the Clippers would be the sum of their parts for the night.

Even with this loss, the Mavericks remain in fourth place in the Western Conference with a record of 10-6, while the Clippers are still eleventh behind the Warriors with 7-8.

The Clippers take this momentum into a matchup with the defending champions Denver Nuggets while the Mavericks will have their season continue against the Houston Rockets.


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