JAM | May 6, 2023

LA Lewis arrested after absconding toll payment in Portmore

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LA Lewis. (Photo: OnStage TV)

Polarising Jamaican entertainer LA Lewis faces multiple charges on Friday (May 5) after driving through at the Portmore Toll Plaza without paying earlier this week.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), in a late afternoon statement, confirmed Lewis’ arrest by members of its Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB).

“This arrest comes after Lewis recorded and published a video on social media, in which he is seen breaching the toll barrier in St Catherine,” the JCF disclosed.

The 49-year-old figure was slapped with charges related to breaches of the Toll Authority Act.

The police used the opportunity to remind the public that consequences are a natural effect of breaking the law, “regardless of one’s [perceived] status or profession”.

“We encourage citizens to comply with the laws and to act responsibly and respectfully towards our public institutions,” the JCF added.

Declaring himself ‘Emperor’, the former-musician-turned-self-professed-‘statesman’ found himself at the centre of controversy when he posted a May 2 recording to Instagram where he absconded the obligatory payment on a whim.

Born Horace Lewis, the deejay, heading northeast along the Portmore Causeway out of St Catherine was seemingly disgruntled with the long payment queues at the toll plaza.

Insisting on his ‘ordained destiny’, Lewis then video-records himself driving through a designated Toll Tag lane despite neither possessing the tag nor complying with alarms as they sounded.

“See-it deh people. Di Emperor do wah him feel like. See yah. Mi inna dis yah toll line…and it a tek too long! Mi run mi owna destiny people!” the deejay began.

“Suh people, mi a go through di the tag line. And a it dat people!” Lewis explained to his over 30,000 Instagram followers.


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