JAM | May 21, 2023

Labour Day protest? Bishop calls for national boycott against new politician salaries

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Bishop Alvin Bailey. (Photo: Facebook @thePSOJ)

Bishop Dr. Alvin Bailey, leader of the Jamaica Evangelical Alliance, has called on citizens to boycott the Labour Day activities on May 23 in protest against the insistence by government to grant parliamentarians a massive increase in salaries.

“I call on all citizens to stay home and use the day to labour in their personal spaces, instead of engaging in the public activities as outlined by the government,” he said.

This action, according to the bishop, will send a “strong message to the political leaders” that Jamaicans  should not be taken for granted or exploited, and serve in the interest of our society and the well-being of all are the reasons they were elected. 

In Bailey’s eyes the Labour Day holiday has been rooted in the thinking that workers should be recognised for their contribution to nation building, while creating activities to improve the physical spaces in the country and boost national pride, which he argued has now been undermined by this latest act of greed.

In a previous statement, Bailey promised to lead a public campaign, with the support of the church community, private sector and well-thinking Jamaicans, to speak out against what he described as an injustice to the citizens and to keep protesting until the new salary package has been reviewed.

According to Bishop Bailey:  “The unconscionable, disgraceful, and insensitive increases in salaries that the Minister of Finance announced were to benefit a select number of privileged public servants. This, to my mind, is an insult and a slap in the face of the average working class Jamaican.”

He went on to note that the significant salary increases were symbolic of an acceleration in moral decay, aimed at widening the class structure, while being insensitivity to the plight of the Jamaican people, who continue to suffer from economic hardships.

“Contrary to the Information Minister Robert Morgan’s statement, the process might not be simple but the proposed new salaries can and must be rolled back, as to pursue that plan will hurt the future of our country, for the short-term personal benefit of a few,” Bishop Bailey said.


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