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LASCO mourns the passing of Chairman Lascelles Chin, invites tributes and condolences

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Members of staff at LASCO’s White Marl office form the guard of honour during the memorial convoy for Lascelles Chin on Monday, June 12. Lascelles Chin OJ, CD, LLD passed away on Saturday, May 27, 2023, following a brief illness. (Photos: contributed)

The LASCO Affiliated Companies and LASCO Chin Foundation expressed their deep sorrow at the passing of their esteemed Chairman, the Honourable Lascelles Chin at the age of 85.

Recognising his outstanding contributions and remarkable leadership, the LASCO community welcomes tributes and condolences in honor of his legacy.

Lascelles Chin, a revered figure in Jamaican business and philanthropy, peacefully departed surrounded by his loving family on May 27 last month. His impact on society and unwavering commitment to excellence will be remembered for generations to come.

For the memorial convoy for Lascelles Chin OJ, CD, LLD, members of the LASCO Pharmaceuticals staff at the Red Hills Road office were dressed in their company colours or wore pink bows for the occasion. 

Under Chin’s leadership, the LASCO brand rose to prominence as a household name, symbolising affordability and quality.

To pay homage to the late Chairman, condolence books have been made available for signing at LASCO Distributors and LASCO Manufacturing offices in White Marl, St Catherine. Additionally, tribute books can be found at LASCO Pharmaceuticals and LASCO Financial Services on Red Hills Road in Kingston. These books serve as a testament to Lascelles Chin’s enduring contributions and his profound impact on the people of Jamaica.

The LASCO Manufacturing staff awaits the arrival of the memorial convoy for Lascelles Chin OJ, CD, LLD on Monday, June 12.

Individuals wishing to express their condolences and share tributes are also encouraged to send emails to [email protected]. The LASCO community will ensure that all messages of support are conveyed to the Chin family and preserved as a lasting record of Chairman Chin’s remarkable life and meaningful relationships.

Chairman Lascelles Chin is survived by his beloved wife, Dr. Eileen Chin, and their children – Karen, Marie (Neil), Wayne (Suzanne), Lisa (Mario), David, and Richard. He also leaves behind numerous grandchildren, brothers, sisters, relatives, and the dedicated staff of the LASCO Affiliated Companies and LASCO Chin Foundation. The family’s grief is compounded by the loss of their son Andrew, who predeceased Chairman Chin.

Further announcements regarding a memorial service to commemorate the extraordinary life and achievements of the Honorable Lascelles Chin will be forthcoming.


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