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Latest Petrojam regimen update leaves pump prices at 5-month low

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Motorists queue up at the Beechwood Avenue service station of fuel and energy company Fesco Jamaica. (Photo: | Future Energy Source Company)

Following last week’s marginal increases at the pumps, State-owned refinery, Petrojam, has unveiled a slate of savings for Jamaican industry and the motoring public effective midnight today (December 6).

Petrojam, in its closely watched petroleum product price index, slashed 87-octane gasolene costs by J$3.06 to open at a new baseline of J$168.29 per litre, after applied taxes.

It is a five-month low for the domestic regulator, as prices plummet to levels not seen since the refinery’s July 13 update earlier this year.

The price cuts, while predominantly spread across the commodity index, were more pronounced for kerosene oil, automotive diesel and its ultra-low sulphur counterpart, which fell by J$4.50. On the other hand, both propane and butane saw increases of J$2.72 and J$3.06 on respective introductory prices in comparison to the past seven days.

It is expected that retailers will add their mark-ups to the announced prices.

See breakdown of prices below:

ProductPrice per unit (effective December 6, 2023)Price change (from last week)
Gasolene 87$168.29-$3.06 ($171.35)
Gasolene 90$174.39-$3.06 ($177.45)
Auto diesel$170.59-$4.50 ($175.09)
Kerosene$181.02-$4.50 ($185.52)
Propane$72.31+$2.72 ($69.59)
Butane$80.65+$3.06 ($77.59)
ULSD$177.97-$4.50 ($182.47)
Asphalt$127.20-$3.06 ($130.26)
HFO$128.01+$1.20 ($126.81)


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