JPN | Feb 20, 2023

Leiji Matsumoto, manga creator of epic space sagas, dies aged 85

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Author of several anime and manga series Leiji Matsumoto poses during a photocall for the movie ‘Harlock: Space Pirate’, directed by Shinji Aramaki, during the 70th Venice Film Festival in Venice September 3, 2013. (File Photo: REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi)

TOKYO (Reuters)

Leiji Matsumoto, the famed Japanese manga and anime creator of epic space sagas including Galaxy Express 999 and Space Pirate Captain Harlock, has died aged 85, his office said today (February 20).

The cause of death was heart failure, local media said.

Matsumoto was also known for his work with Yoshinobu Nishizaki on the 1970s TV series Space Battleship Yamato – titled Star Blazers in the United States – with Matsumoto credited as its director as well as the creator of the manga series spun off from it.

“Human beings should make efforts to protect all living creatures and nature on Earth.”

Leiji Matsumoto

He also supervised several animated videos for the French electronic music duo Daft Punk including One More Time.

Matsumoto, who was seven years old when World War II ended, said his work was informed by his wish for people not to experience war and to live for the Earth.

“Human beings should make efforts to protect all living creatures and nature on Earth,” he told public broadcaster NHK in 2015.

Matsumoto is the recipient of several awards from the Japanese government, as well as the Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters from the French government.


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