| May 2, 2023

Lifespan Spring Water wins Grand Gold Monde Selection Award for the fourth consecutive year

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Jamaica is proudly boasting another win as local spring water company, Lifespan has copped the Monde Selection International Quality Institute’s  Grand Gold Award in the highest category offered by the institution.

Lifespan CEO Nayana Williams proudly displays Monde award (Photo Contributed)

For the fourth consecutive year, Lifespan has stood apart. According to Nayana Williams CEO Lifespan, the company will continue to offer the best quality water that Jamaica can offer to our consumers as demonstrated by our multiple consecutive International Quality Award by Monde Selection. 

This year, 3000 entries were received from 87 countries. To achieve Grand Gold the product must achieve a score between 90$ and 100%.

“Lifespan now sits on the World stage as one of Jamaica’s iconic brands which should make all of Jamaica proud. This win highlights the high-quality products that we produce, with international recognition”, Lifespan Spring Water CEO Nayana Williams said.

Like many businesses, Lifespan has had its share of challenges with the onset of the pandemic including financial and supply chain problems however through its resilience, the business continues to be recognized as the highest quality and best tasting bottled water on the Jamaican market. 

(Photo: Pinterest @lifespanspringwater)

Monde Selection, The International Quality Institute was founded in Brussels, in the heart of Europe. For over 60 years, the International Quality Institute has acquired a unique expertise in evaluating the quality of the culinary, health and beauty culture all over the world. 

Monde Selection distinguishes itself by being one of the only Quality Institutes that offers a global evaluation of consumer products. Every year, hundreds of evaluation sessions are organized during which the juries take the time to taste and analyse each product individually without comparing one to another. Their expertise covers the certification of food, spirits, beverages, diet and health and cosmetic products. For all these categories, Monde Selection offers a global approach on quality aspects that matter most to consumers. 

To guarantee a fair judgment of products from all over the world, our experts always keep in mind the origin and target market of the product. According to the type of product, the evaluations include a sensory, scientific and legal analysis. The criteria and evaluation parameters vary according to the different types of products but are always part of a global approach. 

Thus, the experts must not only judge the taste, smell, visual aspect and all the classical organoleptic criteria but must also take into account the information provided for the consumers, the ingredients used, innovation, packaging and the veracity of the commercial claims. 

For this, Monde Selection counts on the support and the collaboration of certified laboratories and independent institutions who can carry out any additional nutritional, chemical and bacteriological tests. The final result of the evaluation is calculated on the basis of the average points awarded by each jury member in a totally independent manner. 

Monde Selection brings together more than 80 internationally renowned experts, who judge according to their specialisation a precise product category. Each jury is made up of at least 8 experts under the leadership of the president of the jury. 

All of them must have first-class professional experience and give their judgements completely independently. The evaluation is done based on an individual sheet that may include up to 20 different parameters. Monde Selection has the support of prestigious associations such as the Culinary Academy of France, Euro-toques, the Master Chefs of Belgium, the International Vine and Wine Organisation (O.I.V), the Jurés-Experts Piqueurs Brokers and many others. 


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