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Lions Club of St Andrew Central helps Jamaica Society for the Blind participate in climate smart project

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From delivery of J$ 3.2 million in Glassess and Annoucement that the JSB is in the Carribean Climate Smart Accelerator Investment Forum 2023

The Lions Club of St Andrew Central is thrilled to announce its partnership with the Jamaica Society for the Blind (JSB) in securing a spot at the Caribbean Climate Smart Accelerator (CCSA) Investor Forum.

The collaborative endeavour, known as the “Electrify 4Sight Project,” is set to drive decarbonisation, job creation, and food security through solar energy utilisation and smart farming practices tailored to benefit blind and partially sighted individuals in Jamaica.

The core objective of the Electrify 4Sight Project is to simultaneously reduce the carbon footprint of the Jamaica Society for the Blind and bolster food security through renewable energy adoption and the promotion of intelligent farming techniques. This initiative offers a unique opportunity for socially responsible investors who seek to broaden the horizons of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and Human Rights within sustainable social enterprises that yield significant social and environmental impacts.

Key Expected Outcomes of the Electrify 4Sight Project:

Reduced Carbon Emissions and Energy Efficiency: The project will install a 10KW solar system with battery storage, benefitting 30 members of the JSB community, families of JSB members, and interested parties who will receive training in solar installation, operation, and maintenance. These solar installations will significantly reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption in buildings.

Enhanced Sustainable Agriculture: The project will establish an aquaponic shade house, facilitating the simultaneous cultivation of fish (Tilapia) and vegetables in an integrated, self-sustaining system. This facility will serve as a center for training, capacity building, and employment opportunities for the blind and partially sighted community. It will also function as a social enterprise, providing essential resources to support JSB’s food relief programs and services. Furthermore, the project envisions processing some of the vegetables into sauces and powders, bolstering food security and creating marketable products.

Promotion of Renewable Energy and Greenhouse Technologies: The shade house will serve as an educational hub and capacity-building facility for renewable energy and greenhouse technologies. Additionally, the solar installation aspect of the project includes capacity-building components, offering training to blind and partially sighted individuals as well as family members of JSB members. Thirty individuals from the JSB community, including their families, youth, and women from neighbouring communities, will receive training in urban agriculture practices, such as aquaponics and sustainable gardening methods.

Establishment of an Empowerment Centre: The Electrify 4Sight Project will create an Empowerment Centre to facilitate gatherings and discussions on food-related topics. This centre will offer education on vital standards like HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and Food Safety Standards. It will nurture a community that fosters creative expression involving food, water, and energy while championing sustainable practices. The facility itself will incorporate energy and water-efficient fixtures, underscoring its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Future Vision – Establishing 3D Printing Facility at Empowerment Centre: In the project’s future, there are plans to establish a 3D printing facility. This innovative addition aims to transform plastic bottles into functional park benches, contributing to environmental conservation and recycling efforts.

JSB Chairman Daemion McClean expressed deep gratitude to the Lions Club of St Andrew Central, particularly President Christine McNeil, MJF, Lion Brenda Scarlett-Miller, MJF, Lion Dawn Henry, Lion Catherine Peart. PMJF, Lion Ena Nosworthy Cohen, PMJF, Lion Christopher Chinapoo, and Lion Racquel Artwell, for their pivotal role in facilitating the planning, engaging stakeholders and execution of this transformative project.

The JSB extends an open invitation to investors and potential partners who share their vision of sustainability, empowerment, and inclusivity to join hands in this remarkable venture.

“Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of the blind and partially sighted community while driving positive change in the fields of renewable energy, agriculture, and environmental conservation,” the JSB said.


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