JM | Nov 6, 2020

Lisa Hanna supporter claims senior party member committed acts of sodomy with some of the PNPYO

Al Edwards

Al Edwards / Our Today

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The divisiveness and fractiousness of the People’s National Party (PNP) continues to break through the dam wall, as the leadership race between Lisa Hanna and Mark Golding draws to a close.

A voice recording from a purported Hanna supporter— a social media blogger called Tyesha Deans—levels unsubstantiated accusations that a senior member of the PNP committed acts of sodomy and other abuses against PNPYO members in exchange for school fees.

The PNPYO is the youth arm of the party which is headed by Krystal Tomlinson.

The recording comes a day after Lisa Hanna at the PNP’s headquarters drew attention to character assassination and the besmirchment of reputations of party members including herself in the media.

At the presser, Hanna said: “Some of them might not even be supporters of either side (Golding/Hanna) but just create accounts on social media, in particular, to denigrate, eviscerate and bludgeon people’s identities and their families.”

“Going forward, there has to be sanctions especially for members who can  be identified, who willingly go into the media and decide to discredit any candidate without any proof,” she added.

The person named by Deans in her recording has referred the matter to their lawyer.

A Government minister speaking with Our Today said: “It is clear for all to see that the PNP is a bitterly divided party and is not ready to lead this country no matter who becomes its president.”

“Our Prime Minister presides over a united party which has battered the PNP in the general election, leaving it a stub of what it was a decade ago. People say Phillips was unable to connect with young people, that’s not it – Jamaica is no longer PNP country.  People want prosperity and what the JLP has to offer and no fancy shoe or talk will change that!” the minsiter remarked.

The leadership contest between Hanna and Golding will be decided tomorrow afternoon, with the winner having a herculean task of uniting the party and getting it ready to return to power.

The minister further told Our Today, “The lady with this controversial recording is a supporter of Lisa Hanna but did Lisa quickly come out and condemn this accusation and distance herself from it? Perhaps you have heard that she has, I haven’t.”

“The PNP is at war with itself and is a pack of dogs fighting with each other. It makes no difference who wins on Saturday, the JLP will still put a beating on them come next general election,” the lawmaker asserted.


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