JAM | Jun 9, 2023

Little change to Petrojam’s pricing regimen this week; asphalt ‘glitch’ remedied

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Motorists queue up at the Beechwood Avenue service station of fuel and energy company Fesco Jamaica. (Photo: | Future Energy Source Company)

State-owned refinery, Petrojam, has rolled back on the meteoric increase in asphalt prices this week even as mostly neglibile changes to fuel costs dominate its latest update.

A week after an initial, whopping 1100% increase in the baseline price of asphalt, it appears that a system glitch was responsible for the figure, with some semblance of normalcy returning to Petrojam’s pricing regimen.

In its closely watched petroleum product price index, the refinery advised that 87-octane gasolene would cost J$0.25 less; opening at an introductory price of J$170.20.

The new pricing update, which took effect on Thursday (June 8), also sees automotive diesel, asphalt, heavy fuel oil (HFO) and kerosene rising J$0.25, J$0.28, J$0.75 and J$0.25 respectively.

All other products on Petrojam’s index enjoyed mixed reductions, which were most pronounced for ultra-low sulphur diesel, propane and butane.

It is expected that retailers will add their mark-ups to the announced prices.

See breakdown of prices below:

ProductPrice per unit (effective June 8, 2023)Price change (from last week)
Gasolene 87$ 170.20-$0.25 ($170.45)
Gasolene 90$173.72-$0.25 ($173.97)
Auto diesel$165.87+$0.25 ($165.62)
Kerosene$176.72+$0.25 ($176.47)
Propane$58.21-$1.14 ($59.35)
Butane$65.76-$1.57 ($67.33)
ULSD$173.31-$3.06 ($176.37)
Asphalt$114.27+$0.28 ($113.99 *previously revised from initial price of $1113.99)
HFO$107.89+$0.75 ($107.14)


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