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WATCH | Living the Fabulous Life with Chy: A deep dive into Tatiana’s Wardrobe

SaChina Russell

SaChina Russell / Our Today

Tatiana Ziadie, owner of online clothing store, Tatiana’s Wardrobe.

Though the fashion industry evolves almost daily, Tatiana Ziadie stuck to the inspiration she received from American models Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, helping her create her very own brand, Tatiana’s Wardrobe.

According to Ziadie, “they dress very casual but elegant”.

Ziadie quickly grasped the trends set by the famed models at age 15 when she recognised her love for clothing, prompting her journey to become fashion-forward while discovering her true style.

Guided by her inspirations, Ziadie told me about her journey and how she ended up becoming what she considers a ‘simple -yet- classy fashion marketer’ who sources and sells clothing to ladies in all walks of life.

Who is Tatiana Ziadie?

Tatiana Ziadie, whose nickname is Tati, was actually born in the United States and migrated to Jamaica when she was just 8. She is a product of Jamaican parents Caroline Ziadie and Kirk Ziadie.

After Tati’s move to Jamaica, she attended Immaculate Prep before advancing to Immaculate High.

Though she transferred to Hillel Academy in the 11th grade, she considers herself a true ‘Immaculate Girl’.

Tati migrated back to Florida to attend her senior year of high school, and then moved on to Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and the University in Florida (FIU).

Moving around a lot, she got the opportunity to experience different cultural styles and found appreciation for each.

Speaking with me, she said: “Fashion is something that I have always been passionate about. When I was a little girl I was obsessed with shopping, new styles, changing my wardrobe every season and more.”

She added that she adored the ever-evolving art.

“I always knew from when I was a little girl how obsessed I was with fashion, but after opening up my business (at age of 15) I appreciated and learned to love it more.”

The more you speak to Tati, the more you understand her determination and passion for fashion.

She also noted a complication individuals struggle with daily.

“Do I find my passion or do I just get a job?”

Tati said it never occurred to her that when she was a little girl playing ‘dress up with her dolls’ it would eventually direct her into the fashion industry.

She always saw the idea of fashion as more of a passion than a job.

With that idea, along with the stereotype that fashion doesn’t equate to ‘proper success’, Tati faced what most Jamaican parents would consider advice.

“When I was younger, my family would always tell me that I needed to be something successful that makes a lot of money, but as I grew up, I realised money is not everything. It creates stability but I believe happiness is the most important factor in our lives.”

After Tati opened her business, she realised that nothing would stop her from achieving stability, both financially and in terms of personal happiness.

The journey of Tatiana’s Wardrobe

Followers of Tatiana’s Wardrobe are treated to constant updates with different clothing styles and sales that boost customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Initially, the pieces for sale were actually pieces from Tatiana’s personal wardrobe that she had never worn before.

“I had all these clothes that I never wore and decided to post them on Snapchat. After posting, immediately I was getting sales,” Tati told me.

“My preloved items were now becoming others’ new loved items and that made me so happy.”

There are business ideas all around for young entrepreneurs. Tati had an out-of-the-box thought and the business was inspired by the fact that the pieces originally came from her closet.

“I transferred over to Instagram where I created Tatiana’s Wardrobe and started to organise posts, sales, photoshoots, and more. Unfortunately, I had to cease my business as I had to go to school in America. I always thought about the business and my goal was to open back up one day.”

After a few pop-ups of Tatiana’s Wardrobe, the store became official in December 2020, during the pandemic.

Ever since Tatiana’s Wardrobe re-opened, Tati has been receiving widespread support from friends, customers, and even people she did not know, and that in itself is what people call motivation.

The customer base ranges from ages 12 to 55 and even older.

“The support has been amazing!” Tati declared.

Amid the pandemic, locals were concerned about being mobile or the cleanliness of their products, but, even then, Tati reassured her customers how serious she takes COVID-19 as she has to take constant precautions as she lives with other family members.

With Tati doing such a good job keeping packages sanitised and properly delivered, there has been a rapid increase in sales of her diverse pieces.

She said she was grateful for the fact that “my friends are extremely supportive and always give me feedback. My mom has always been supportive, she is a firm believer in doing what you love after she found her passion in landscaping about seven years ago.”

Tatiana’s Wardrobe hopes to open up a store that sells pre-loved items as well as brand new items, with the idea of possibly expanding into selling purses, and shoes.

I asked Tati to describe her fashion sense and this is what she had to say:

  • Versatile
  • Unique
  • Outgoing
  • Classic
  • Fabulous

Tati is surely Living the Fabulous Life! She is Chy-endorsed, fierce and evolving and we love to see it.

Five words to describe Tatiana Ziadie:

  • Powerful
  • Business savvy
  • Confident
  • Charismatic
  • Genuine

Tati’s advice to upcoming fashionistas

1. There are no regrets. “I personally don’t believe in regrets; I believe everything that happens in our lives happen for a reason and they shape and guide us to become who we are today.”

2. Be YOU. “Everyone has their own style that makes them unique and feel powerful and that is what my business is about, I don’t cater to only items that I love, I cater to everybody’s style as we are all different.”

3. Find what works for you and stick to it. “I would say there are some designers’ work that have inspired me in the sense of how they built their brand, how they promoted it, what they started with and how they came from nothing such as the brand, Chanel.”

Tatiana’s Wardrobe sells a variety of styles as each piece is literally casual but very much unique!

“A natural curator for classy yet casual fashion.”

To live a little of the fabulous life, visit Tati’s online Instagram store @Tatianaswardrobe



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