USA | Jun 9, 2021

Luxury Brand Balenciaga releases their latest design: Crocs stilettos

SaChina Russell

SaChina Russell / Our Today

Crocs Stilettos. (Photo: Balenciaga)

Now now, Balenciaga, you’re just abusing your brand power.


Luxury fashion house Balenciaga has joined the ‘Crocs’ gang after releasing its Spring 2022 Collection, the Crocs Stilettoes, on Monday (June 7).

Balenciaga x Crocs Spring 2022 Collection (Photo: Twitter: @saint)

The soon-to-be released collection also features an equally perplexing knee-high Crocs rain boots. 

There is a pair of crocs for almost every occasion – the beach, a quick road run or even Nicholas Braun, who wore Crocs to the 2020 Emmy Award. 

Nicholas Braun (Photo: Instagram @mjonf)

Balenciaga has given us yet another reason to wear a pair of Crocs, one that is either an outrage to humankind’s fashion sense or a very good prank on wealthy people. 

According to CNN Business, the Crocs stilettos may sell for as much as US$1,000.

However, they are currently unavailable for purchase as the products haven’t been released to the market as yet.

There is nothing different about the Crocs stilettos except it has heels. 

They are made of the signature rubber, squishy-foam material.

And guess what, the Spring 2022 collection only includes a black and bright green Crocs, literally perfect for everything or absolutely nothing.

This is just an atrocity to the fashion industry, quite frankly.

According to New York Magazine, this is not Balenciaga and Crocs’ first time collaborating.

In fact, it’s not even the first time the two have birthed a high-heeled disgrace.

Reportedly, in 2017, Balenciaga’s creative director Demna Gvasalia introduced platform Crocs in its 2018 Spring collection, which, if nothing else, look exactly how you’d expect them to.

Balenciaga x Crocs Spring 2018, Photo: New York Magazine

You have one, don’t you?

Everybody loves crocs, but sheesh, this is a bit much isn’t it?

Actually, it isn’t the then $850 USD shoes sold out before they were even officially released.

Do I hate the shoes? Yes. 

Would I wear them if given the chance? Also… yes. 

I honestly struggle to process this new alteration to footwear that was meant to be worn for comfort and not for fashion.

They are neither attractive nor do they appear to be comfortable, but that’s just based off looks, right?

Like Balenciaga and Crocs Spring 2018 Collection, these Crocs stilettos might end up being sold out before the 2022 collection is actually released and available for purchase.


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