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Macka Diamond shocked by OnlyFans leak, plot to sabotage her

Ategie Edwards

Ategie Edwards / Our Today

Macka Diamond (Photo: Magic 103.7)

Dancehall veteran Macka Diamond, prior to delivering what many describe as one of the best 2022 New Rules Fest performances, appeared in a recent interview where she shared that an infamous Only Fans leak was done to sabotage her.

Late last month, Macka Diamond, whose real name is Charmaine Munroe, was the centre of controversy after a nude video from her Only Fans account went viral.

Shocked by the ordeal, the dancehall DJ explained to hosts of The Fix podcast, Naro and Ari, that she believed the video was leaked due to her involvement in Alkaline’s New Rules Festival.

“The Only Fans thing, me neva know seh dat a come. I honestly think is because dem seh Alkaline put me on the show, somebody was trying to do something but it didn’t work… . That one took me out… because I wasn’t prepared for that, I was like, I am busy trying to get my head together. I’m gonna come to Jamaica for this show. I’m gonna do my best. I definitely think they did it because they want me to look back coming towards the show,” she explained.

Joining Only Fans during the pandemic, the Bun Him artiste noted that, with little happening in the entertainment industry, she was forced to resort to other means in an effort to earn an income.

Continuing, the Kingston native said the viral video was not recent, revealing that it was created two years ago.

Detailing two online encounters, Macka Diamond noted that those instances led to her suspicion of a possible plot against her.

The Dye Dye hitmaker said she did not respond when the first individual who approached her asked if she was interested in girls. She did however respond when another individual asked her to share “special” pictures.

Macka Diamond speaking on The Fix. (Photo: YouTube)

“I remember somebody else came about a month ago and I was getting ready to go to my bed, you know it was late and usually they would DM for a special picture, and the person was like ‘Oh, can I get a special picture from you?’ And I said ‘Really, I’m about to go bed, let me send you’ and I sent the person and I sent it for a certain amount of money that was high and they paid for it,” she said.

Repeating the transaction once again, the star expressed how shocked she was that the individual was willing to spend a vast sum of money for more photos.

Dissatisfied with the images sent by the artiste “the person said…’oh, I am going to keep the ones that you post. I am going to use the one that you post because those are looking better than these you send me.’

“Suh mi seh, ‘Yuh know yuh lying… the only reason yuh seh that is because I didn’t send them with my face.’ and the person is like ‘LOL, alright have a good night’.”

Hosts of The Fix Naro (left) and Ari (centre) speaking with Macka Diamond. (Photo: YouTube)

Despite the ordeal and multiple thoughts of leaving the platform, the Jamaican recording artiste is yet to deactivate her account, recently making additions to her profile and welcoming any threat against her.

Following the viral video, calls were made for the DJ to retire, to which she comically responded: “I’m like okay, I’m gonna put up another Only Fans or one a dem page deh… Go Fund Me, and them pay my bills if they want me to retire.”

Her first time addressing the issue, Macka Diamond explained that with being busy preparing for New Rules Fest and the opening of her business, her thought process was elsewhere.

In addition, the artiste expressed that, with years of experience in the music industry under her belt, she has developed a thick skin which the viral video was not able to penetrate.


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