JM | Nov 2, 2020

Madam president? Lisa Hanna buoyed by impressive Blue Dot poll

Gavin Riley

Gavin Riley / Our Today

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Lisa Hanna and her #BringBackDiLove campaign, speaking with PNP delegrates in Clarendon in late October. (Photo: Facebook @MPLisaHanna)

The campaign team for Lisa Hanna, aspirant for president of the People’s National Party (PNP), is particularly confident ahead of Saturday’s leadership election that she will defeat Mark Golding.

This, it says, after a recent Blue Dot Insights poll showed Hanna enjoying double-digit leads ahead of Mark Golding, with less than a week to go before delegates decide on the next PNP president.

“The results of the poll show that Lisa Hanna easily beats Mark Golding on three key points: favourability with the national electorate; the ability to commandeer the youth vote; and most significantly, the ability to beat Andrew Holness,”

“The Blue Dot Insights poll, completed on October 30, is the fourth national poll conducted in recent weeks that points to a Hanna victory in the PNP presidential race,”

According to spokesperson for Hanna’s #BringBackDiLove campaign, Donna Scott-Mottley, the Blue Dot poll is another telling sign the delegates can’t be ‘bought’ and that the 45-year-old South East St Ann MP is the answer to the PNP’s identity crisis.

“We are not surprised but we will continue to do the work to ensure that Lisa will lead the party,” Scott-Mottley said.

Donna Scott-Mottley

“There’s been a lot of ‘flash’ and money in the other camp, the likes of which were not seen in the recent general election, but we are not distracted. Lisa is in touch with the soul of the party, that’s what counts,” she added.

When asked ‘Who do you believe would appeal more to the Jamaican electorate?’, 52 per cent of respondents sided with Lisa Hanna—compared to Golding’s 34 per cent.

Hanna also enjoyed a 10 percentage point lead with respondents, 46 per cent of which chose her over Golding as the person ‘more likely to beat Andrew Holness’.

Where Hanna excelled, according to the Blue Dot poll, was in respondents’ belief in her attracting youth to the PNP.

Compared to Golding’s measly 17 per cent, Hanna registered a whopping 73 per cent favourability.

With less than a week to go, PNP delegates goes to vote for their sixth party president on Saturday, November 7.


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