JM | Nov 22, 2022

Marshall Hall was ‘a titan of business and nation building’, says Pan Jam in tribute

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CAPRI chairman Dr Marshall Hall (second left) speaks with Sharon Saunders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, as JN General Manager Earl Jarrett looks on. (2017 File Photo: Twitter @CapriCaribbean)

Reacting to news this morning (November 22) of the death of Dr Marshall Hall, PanJam Investment Ltd Limited said Jamaica has “lost a titan of business and nation building”.

In a statement, PanJam added that Hall was “a man with diverse experience that he used to the benefit of his country and its people”.

PanJam noted that Hall is best known for his time at the Jamaica Producers Group, where he led the company through a pivotal part of its journey to becoming the wide-reaching conglomerate it is today.

Dr Marshall Hall.

“We, at PanJam, also know him as a friend and mentor to many,” the statement read.


“Throughout our partnership with Jamaica Producers, Dr Hall embodied the values of a patriot and a visionary.  As we begin this new chapter as a combined entity, we will miss his passion, wisdom and generosity of spirit and self. We will work assiduously to continue and protect his legacy.”

It was just yesterday that it was announced that PanJam and Jamaica Producers had agreed a deal to merge and become a powerful new conglomerate, Pan Jamaica Group, with Hall’s son, Jeffrey Hall, become its CEO and executive vice chairman of the Board of Directors.