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Mastering Excellent Service Ltd: Raising the bar in Caribbean hospitality

Shemar-Leslie Louisy

Shemar-Leslie Louisy / Our Today

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MESL after a training session at Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, Nassau, Bahamas. (Photos: Contributed)

Mastering Excellent Service Ltd (MESL), a new company that has been quickly making a name for itself as it raises service levels in the hospitality industry and sets a new standard for luxury services across the region, is heavily focused on teaching restaurants and hotels how to deliver exceptional experiences.

MESL envisions shaping a resilient, innovative, and unique service industry in the Caribbean. Its mission is to inspire teams to see service differently, promoting greatness through projects designed with core values of transparency, empathy, excellence, and teamwork.

Started in 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company, headquartered in Jamaica, has left its mark at local, luxury, award-winning venues such as Uncorked, Jamaica Inn and Round Hill Hotel, as well as in St Lucia, St Vincent and The Bahamas, thanks to the expertise of its directors Rory Baugh and Rochelle Amour.

Rochelle Amour (left) and Rory Baugh (right) at a lookout point in St. Lucia

Baugh and Amour, using their combined proficiencies, supplement the highest levels of customer service with the best practices surrounding mental health and stress relief to create tailored programmes for clients.

With a collective expertise of over 35 years, MESL boasts a 95 per cent client satisfaction rate and has trained over 500 Caribbean professionals. The company offers intensive training in Butler Service, Food & Beverage, Guest Services, and Villa Service, as well as targeted workshops covering Mental Health Awareness, Team-Building, and Leadership.

Speaking with Our Today, Baugh, an industry veteran and a certified master trainer by the Guild of Professional English Butlers, said: “Providing customer service at the level of a luxury brand means having a team that is familiar with all areas of the operation to ensure the service across the board is seamless. They understand that the smallest detail can make the difference between a lifelong customer or lost business.”

“When we do training, we help team members focus on the guest experience. By putting the guest at the centre of meetings, decisions and strategies, team members can learn how to operate at a higher level of professionalism because of that common goal,” he continued.

Amour, an experienced businesswoman and expert in mental health, said, “Most entities have not fully come to terms with the impact of mental health on performance and profits. The health of our brains is just as important as the health of our bodies. When it comes to the ability to work with others, pay attention, communicate, and resolve customer complaints, everything we do is directed by the brain.”

“For us, mental health awareness is not just an ‘add on’ to our training; it is central to it. We make sure our participants feel at ease, we build a sense of trust, we draw attention to the way we all speak to each other in training, and it’s these little points of awareness that become habits that help shift mindsets altogether,” she continued.

MESL team selected to train the Janga’s Soundbar and Grill staff in Kingston.

Speaking on the difference between good service and luxury service at the highest level, Baugh explained, “Good service is when staff is friendly and polite, bringing it to the highest level is when a client does not have to lift a finger to have anything done. It is a personalised service, where you provide one main point of contact who takes care of every possible need, much like a butler. It takes research and understanding of the client to cultivate an environment where the client trusts you and feels like they have someone there for them at all times. This increases spending by 500 per cent.”

Looking ahead, MESL is aiming to bring its tailored training to other destinations in the region, support individual training for those looking to upskill, and offer corporate training for companies seeking to enhance their customer service quality.

For inquiries, contact them on Instagram @mastering.excellent.service or email: [email protected]

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