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Medisun’s ‘Speak Love’ single sending positive vibes in uncertain times

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Jamaican-born reggae artiste, Medisun. (Photo contributed)

Jamaican-born reggae artiste Medisun is manifesting positivity through his new single, Speak Love. The single, whose uplifting music video was released on August 20, is produced by Zion I Kings. 

A four-minute video of good vibrations, shot in its entirety in downtown Kingston, was directed by SAMO. 

Speak Love, according to the Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, is focused on the healing power of song and words. 

“The entire world was in the midst of the traumatic events of 2020 and I was facing a very tense period in my personal life. In spite of the discomfort I was experiencing, I felt inspired to send a healing wave of sound into Iration and uplift the collective psyche of the planet,” Medisun explained. 

“The therapeutic use of sound is the driving force behind all of the works, or bodies of work, on the horizon. Words can harm, deceive, divide, and destroy. They can also heal, enlighten, unite, and create. I aim to encourage people to choose the latter when speaking to self or others,” he continued.

The song is particularly powerful for him as it articulates a kindness not known to Medisun in his formative years living with epilepsy. 

Artwork for Medisun’s latest single, ‘Speak Love’, out on all streaming platforms. (Photo:

“I grew up with health challenges (epilepsy) which led to a lot of traumatic verbal interactions with peers and adults who didn’t empathize with my condition. In earlier stages of development I took these exchanges very personally and carried a lot of rage about what I had endured,” the artiste explained.

“As I’ve matured, I have embraced a philosophy that doesn’t include me responding to my pain by spreading suffering to others. The cycle of vengeance is what leads to war amongst individuals, communities, and nations. If we desire peace on the global scale, it’s important to aim for non-violent communication in the microcosm of our daily lives. That’s what Speak Love is all about,” Medisun, formerly known as King Mas, added.

Check out the music video below: 


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