USA | Mar 19, 2023

Miami Beach Convention Center commits to sustainability with new herb and vegetable garden

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Miami Beach Convention Center (Photo: Facebook @Miami Beach Convention Center)

The Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC) has taken a bold step to confirm its commitment to sustainability with a new 192 square foot herb and vegetable garden located on its campus on Miami Beach.

The garden was built entirely out of recycled wood pallets sourced from food shipments. Over 10 days in February, the back-of-house staff of MBCC did the work themselves to clear, level, and build the garden from plywood, to create a stunning facility that is environmentally friendly and a beautiful addition to the MBCC campus.

The garden has been planted with carrots, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and peppers, and a full harvest is expected to be ready by late July or early August. The herb and vegetable beds consist of organic soil mixed with compost from the convention center’s composting program.

The project was initiated to promote sustainable practices in the kitchen. The vegetables harvested from the garden will be used on the menus for the MBCC food service facilities, Rum Room and Venu. Foliage from the garden will also be used as additions to table garnishes and decorations.

A member of the food service team of the Miami Beach Convention Centre begins planting the facility’s new herb and vegetable garden. (Photo: Contributed)

MBCC staff will benefit from the garden as it was also created to educate them on gardening and sustainable practices, providing them with a calm environment to tend to and nurture.

The facility also features solar powered lighting installed on a wooden fence around the garden, making it a beautiful space to relax and enjoy.

The MBCC newly-created herb and vegetable garden is just one of the many ways that the convention center is working to become a more environmentally conscious and sustainable facility. The project demonstrates how even small changes can make a significant impact on our planet and is an example that other businesses with food service facilities can follow as a means of demonstrating a commitment to preserving the environment, saving costs and also engaging and taking care of employees.


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