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Michael Lee-Chin to guest appear on RevUP podcast 

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Jamaican billionaire, Michael Lee-Chin. (Photo contributed)

RevUp Caribbean’s Scale-Up to Start-Up podcast is set to feature one of Forbes Magazine’s top 100 global billionaires, Jamaican Michael Lee-Chin. 

The podcast, which is produced by industry leaders Amazing Gains, will see the renowned business mogul and billionaire sharing his practical hands-on solutions for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

It will be aired on Tuesday (March 29) at 5:30 pm local time and streamed on RevUp’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube pages. The episode will also be made available on all podcast platforms for on-demand listens.

The three-episode pilot series will include a live component that will provide real-time engagement that gives listeners direct access to featured guests. The objective of the podcasts is to provide a platform where industry leaders can create an online community and help business owners and entrepreneurs level up and amplify their voices. 

Managing director of RevUp, Sandra Glasgow, shared that the intent of the podcast series is to build a community of startups and early-stage founders in the Caribbean and beyond.

Logo of RevUp Caribbean’s “From Start Up To Scale Up” podcast. (Photo contributed)

She highlighted that kicking the series off with a figure like Lee-Chin, who embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, is an exciting moment.  

She explained that the interview is to illustrate how successful entrepreneurs or eco-system players think through problems saying the approach takes viewers and listeners on the journey as he worked through the struggles and ultimately achieved success.

anaging director of RevUp, Sandra Glasgow. (Photo contributed)

“It will be less of a chronological biography and instead, we will focus on pulling out specific life and business lessons, as well as frameworks that have provided guidance in becoming a successful entrepreneur,” Glasgow commented.

Podcast was fast-tracked

She said the plan was always to launch a podcast for RevUp noting that “Amazing Gains, being participants of RevUp’s business incubation for start-up program, fast-tracked the process. It was only fitting that we worked together to make the RevUp Caribbean Start-up to Scale-up podcast a reality.” 

Participants will be given the opportunity to ask and get answers directly from one of Jamaica’s biggest success stories.

According to Glasgow, “We want viewers and listeners to feel like they are getting real actionable insights from a conversation between friends and colleagues. Tactical recommendations that can be used to solve and empower our SMEs. The journey is no walk in the park but we want founders to understand that with commitment, guidance, and strategy, entrepreneurial success is achievable.” 

Alexandra Stennett, CEO of Amazing Gains, producers of the podcast series, explains that, “with clients primarily in Canada, England, the United States, and Australia, we were ecstatic to finally be given an opportunity to work with a local company.”

Alexandra Stennett, CEO of Amazing Gains, producers of the “From Start Up To Scale Up” podcast series. (Photo contributed)

“We needed to start with a bang and RevUp made it happen by securing the interview with the distinguished Michael Lee-Chin,” added Stennett.


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