JAM | Jun 15, 2023

Ministry of Labour and Social Security denies fraud probe allegations

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The offices of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security in Kingston. (Photo:

The Ministry of Labour and Social Security has denied allegations that there is an ongoing fraud probe being conducted by its internal auditors in the National Insurance Scheme (NIS).

In a statement released on Wednesday (June 14), the Ministry stated that it “has not received any reports of fraudulent activity relating to the Postmaster General (PMG) paying out more money than was disbursed to them by the NIS”.

The Ministry says that it takes note of the allegations and considers them to be serious.

“As such, we are inviting external independent authorities to examine the allegations to ensure full transparency and accountability,” the statement said.

“The Ministry is assuring the public that it takes the management of public resources seriously, and that it continues to implement strategies to ensure the efficient and effective performance of our systems,” the statement continued.

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